Marking the Back-to-School season National Beverage Company distributes 6000 school bags to the students in the West Bank and Gaza


Ramallah/Al-Bireh -Beitunia- In collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Hope of Smile Association to Support Cancer Patients, the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) distributed over 6000 school bags to the school students in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank governorates, as part of its annual “Back-to-School 2021” Campaign, in addition to distribution of school bags to a number of charitable associations in the West Bank.


During the campaign, NBC distributed 2000 school bags to the school students, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. NBC team visited the selected schools in the various governorates and distributed the bags to the students in the resilience schools and in the remote areas, and distributed 2500 school bags in collaboration with the Hope of Smile Association to Support Cancer Patients in Gaza. The team further distributed more than 1500 bags to a number of charitable associations which care for the orphaned and disabled children in the West Bank.


In this context, Dr. Marwan Awartani, Minister of Education, commended the annual initiative introduced by NBC in collaboration with the Ministry, which provides a community contribution to cater for the needs of the students in the West Bank and Gaza in the beginning of the new school year, especially to reduce the financial burden on the students’ families, amidst the tough economic conditions they experience.


Dr. Awartani called for spreading and shedding light on such initiatives as they constitute a core anchor in the partnership with the civil society and the private sector, and he emphasized the importance of expanding and institutionalizing such initiatives. He pointed out the Ministry’s endeavors to devote attention to the students and the school environment, especially the School Adoption Program, introduced recently by the Ministry, to maximize the community contribution to supporting the schools.



Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, said that this annual campaign implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and all the partners stems from NBC’s relentless commitment to fulfil its social responsibility toward our people in the West Bank and Gaza. He added that there is nothing like pleasing thousands of students of our people, especially the patients and children of the needy families.


Mr. al-Hindi said he is delighted with the completion of the campaign intended to distribute school bags across all the governorates countrywide, as such a campaign would contribute in streamlining the required integration of these students throughout their education journey without any obstacle.

Mr. al-Hindi further praised the Ministry of Education’s role and continuous commitment to advancing the education toward excellence and advancement with the aim of building a generation that can face all the challenges which compromise the future. At the same time, Mr. al-Hindi appreciated that spirit of active partnership demonstrated by all the partners standing by the needy and sick students and meeting their needs, which contributed to inspiring their optimism, and breaking down the barriers to removing the social and economic differences among the students, especially amidst the current hard times we are facing due to the continuous spreading of the coronavirus pandemic which affects all the aspects of our life. Mr. al-Hindi wished that Allah Almighty keeps the Palestinian students and people safe from this disease.


Mr. Sami Jojo, General Coordinator of Hope of Smile Association to Support Cancer Patients, extended thanks and gratitude to NBC for its significant annual contribution under Back-to-school Campaign, by providing school bags for school students nationwide, including young students in Gaza Strip, especially the cancer patients. He called upon all businesses to follow NBC in providing the required support for the students, especially that such students experience very tough living and economic conditions. Mr. Sami Jojo hoped that cooperation would continue to pull the children and adults with cancer out from the disease and isolation atmosphere and integrate them into the society.