National Beverage Company renews its sponsorship of the Women’s Fencing Team of Al-Bireh Cultural Club


Ramallah- Beitunia- Al Ayyam: For the sixth year in a row, the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) continues sponsoring the Women’s Fencing Team of Al-Bireh Cultural Club.  NBC recently signed a sponsorship renewal agreement with Al-Bireh Cultural Club. The sponsorship includes providing the Women’s Fencing Team with a uniform displaying the “Cappy” logo, in addition to sport equipment.

The agreement was signed at NBC head office in Beitunia, in the presence of Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, Mr. Dawood Metwali, Head of the Administrative Board of Al-Bireh Cultural Club, President of West Asia Fencing Federation, and President of the Palestinian Fencing Federation, in addition to Mr. Ayman Sobaih, member of the Administrative Board of Al-Bireh Cultural Club, Mr. Karam Abulhala, Executive Director of the Women’s Fencing Team club, and Mr. Alaa El Esawi, NBC Technical Coordinator.

Mr. al-Hindi asserted that NBC is proud of this partnership with Al-Bireh Cultural Club, and its devotion to continue supporting the Women’s Fencing team in the framework of NBC’s commitment to support and encourage women sports, especially the group of juniors.

Mr. al-Hindi commended the efforts of Al-Bireh Cultural Club which resulted in the top rankings claimed by the team in many championships, in addition to its attention to develop the sport activities among the juniors and the youth of both genders, for its importance in furthering the physical and mental health, and channeling the youth potentials and training them to invest their time properly in a way that benefits them and refines their personalities and abilities.

Mr. al-Hindi said that renewing NBC sponsorship of the Women’s Fencing Team stems from its commitment to enable the team to continue their activities and training and to participate in the local and international events, and it came after the society in general and the sport sector in particular were affected by the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic, which was the drive to support these teams and clubs in order to regain the activity and vigor, which also strengthen the physical immunity and wellbeing against this epidemic.

On his part, Mr. Metwali said that the Administrative Board of Al-Bireh Cultural Club extends its thanks and appreciation for the constant support provided by NBC to the Women’s Fencing team for the sixth year in a row, by covering the cost of the team’s supplies, in terms of the apparel, equipment, and bags, in addition to donating NBC’s products of mineral water and refreshing juice. He noted that NBC’s continuous support over the past years contributed to enabling the team to attain top rankings at the local and regional levels, including winning the bronze medal in the Asian Fencing Championship in 2018, among other medals in local and regional championships.

Mr. Metwali affirmed the importance of this support which will reflect positively on the fencers’ morals, the coaching and administrative staff, especially after the interruption of activities and training during the past year due to the coronavirus epidemic. He explained that renewing the sponsorship will enable the team, which has grown to include 80 fencers, to resume the training and participate in the training events and camps. He pointed out that the men and women’s fencing team has grown to include 200 male and female fencers.