National Beverage Company supports the construction of an agricultural road at Kufur Jamal

Tulkarm- Alayyam:  An agricultural road was recently opened at Kufur Jamal village in Tulkarm governorate. This road was constructed with the support of National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC), in cooperation with the village’s local council and the Agricultural Development Association (PARC). The 1 km long road is intended to help the farmers access their lands in this area.

Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, said he was pleased that NBC sponsored the opening of the agricultural road, which would contribute to making it easier for the farmers and agricultural machines in Kufur Jamal village to access their lands, and eliminate the obstacles they face.

“Our support of this project stems from our belief in the importance of supporting the agricultural sector and projects, especially in the remote and marginalized areas, and under the rough economic conditions which the farmers face as a result of the coronavirus pandemic”, Mr. al-Hindi added. He also affirmed NBC’s commitment and relentless efforts to support such projects in order to serve our local community.

Hussain Ali, head of Kufur Jamal village council, appreciated the efforts exerted by NBC to support the farmers of the village, by contributing to building this agricultural road to secure smooth access of the farmers and their agricultural vehicles to their lands, as they used to face considerable access difficulties.

Sadek Abboud, farmer, said that the farmers used to face considerable challenges to access their lands due to the roughness of the area which they get through, which constitutes a considerable challenge for them, especially during the winter. Further, they were unable to drive the agricultural vehicles to those lands.

He added: “Today, after NBC thankfully contributed to opening an alternative road for the farmers, it has become much easier. We highly value NBC’s management for this important initiative, and for standing by the farmers in the town, noting that this is not the first time that we approach NBC and it opens its doors to help the local community at the village of Kufur Jamal.