National Beverage Company distributes food parcels to needy families in the Gaza Strip

Beitunia - Economic Life - The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy delivered to Smile of Hope Society for Cancer Patients hundreds of food parcels that included various foods and supplies, to start distributing them to needy families to help such needy and impoverished families in the Gaza Strip during a solidarity campaign during the holy month of Ramadan.

The General Manager of the National Beverage Company (NBC), Mr. Imad al-Hindi, affirmed NBC’s commitment that it is necessary to stand up with and provide assistance to such families whose children suffer from cancer, especially in the hard circumstances that the people of Palestine are going through.  He expressed his happiness with the successful end of the campaign and the distribution of all aid items before the end of the holy month in the various governorates of the country.

Mr. al-Hindi added: “We hope that this aid will contribute to alleviating the economic burdens on needy and chastely families in light of the difficult economic conditions in the Gaza Strip due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus that caused the deterioration of the economic situation in Gaza Strip.”

“The Company has always endeavored to support humanitarian and purposeful initiatives that embody the vision and goals of the Company towards our Palestinian community in all parts of the country”, Mr. al-Hindi explained.

On his part, the General Manager of Smile of Hope Society for Cancer Care, Sami Al-Jojo, praised the generous gesture of the National Beverage Company to provide aid and support to the families of cancer patients.  He stressed the strong partnership and relationship between NBC and the Society.

Al-Jojo indicated that this aid and food parcels will be distributed to needy families and the most affected segments of cancer patients in the various governorates of the Gaza Strip.