Appreciating the initiative and commending the leading role of National Beverage Company , The winners of the Coca-Cola/Cappy Campaign arrive at Russia to attend the Mondial Semi-final

Beitonia - Alayyam:  The winners of the Coca-Cola/Cappy Campaign arrived at Saint Petersburg, Russia, accompanied by a team of staff from the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) to attend the semi-final match of the World Cup in Russia. They won the grand prize offered by the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy for ten persons and their companions as part of the “2018 World Cup” Campaign launched by NBC last February.


Before attending the semi-final between the French and Belgian teams, the winners who came from the governorates of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will take a tour in Saint Petersburg, Russia, to see the city’s most prominent and important tourist attractions and monuments.


“The trip was very pleasant from its start till our arrival to Saint Petersburg, as we have never dreamt, at any time in our lives, of visiting such a place, or of sitting in the international stadiums and watching football stars in a live match”, Said Ahmed Abu Sharar, a 22-year-old young man from Gaza Strip expressing his pleasure with winning such trip from NBC. “I thank NBC very much and wish them more progress and success”, Added Abu Sharar.


Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, wished a nice and pleasant trip for the ten winners and their companions. He said that his Company is pleased that it has fulfilled the dream of the participants to reach the international playgrounds and lively watch the World Cup matches.


“Football is particularly popular among our Palestinian people and is the passion of thousands of its young men and women”, added Mr. al-Hindi.


Mr. al-Hindi further pointed out that, through its high-quality products, NBC has sought and continues to seek sharing all members of society their moments of joy, excitement and fun within their homes and in stadiums. Through its continued support to the sports sector in Palestine, NBC looks forward to developing the level of its collective and individual sports to become quite capable of participating in the regional and international contests.


NBC has granted ten chances to win a trip for two persons, each of whom can be accompanied by a single person, to attend the World Cup semi-final, inclusive of all the costs from departure to return; in addition to the valuable prizes given to consumers as part of the “2018 World Cup” Campaign that involved 200 Samsung S8 mobile devices; as well as thousands of Coca-Cola footballs that are designed as the 2018 World Cup footballs, Coca-Cola bags and 1.125 liters of its products.