National Beverage Company Renews its Sponsorship of the Football Academy at Al Bireh Youth Foundation Club

Beitunia – The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) renewed its sponsorship of the Football Academy of Al Bireh Youth Foundation Club, in line with its commitment to support sports and local clubs.


Under the sponsorship agreement, the Academy will be provided with sports supplies, tools and sports wears for males and females. The Club embraces more than 120 male and female players, distributed as per age category, for male players those who were born in the years from 2001 to 2005, and for female players those who are under the age of 13.


The agreement was signed at NBC headquarters in Beitunia, by Mr. Imad al-Hindi, NBC General Manger, Mr. Omar Ata, the Chair of the Management Board of Al Bireh Youth Foundation, Mr. Alaa Al Saleh, the Foundation’s Secretary and Mr. Alaa Esawi of NBC.


Mr. al-Hindi praises the good performance of the club of Al Bireh Youth Foundation and its teams throughout the past years. Such performance was achieved thanks to the earnest efforts of both the administrative and technical staff.  Mr. al-Hindi also expressed his proud of the partnership with Al Bireh Youth Foundation; and confirmed that NBC is committed to continue its support to the Football Academy in appreciation of its role in supporting and helping talented juniors and young people from both genders in football, contributing to their well-being, developing their capabilities and enabling them to compete with their peers regionally and internationally in the future.


Mr. al-Hindi stated that his Company endeavors to support juniors, particularly in football, whose growing popularity among Palestinians, both males and females alike.  Such endeavor by NBC is in line its strategy to support and embrace children and youths, and to protect them against pervasive dangers. All partners and parties are required to cooperate in providing the appropriate environment to open future opportunities for the young people and rightly guide them mentally and physically in order to be productive members in the Palestinian community in the future.  


Mr. al-Hindi also stressed the importance that all entities and sectors should support these categories that form the future of Palestine and the coming generations. Each and every party is required to provide the children and youths with potentials, appropriate environment and necessary support to empower them to excel and innovate in sports and other fields; so that we can lay foundation for productive and creative generations capable of serving and developing their Palestinian society.


Mr. Omar Ata, on his part, appreciated the care and attention by the NBC management and commended NBC for its continuous sponsorship of the Football Academy, expressing his pride of the partnership with NBC, which has resulted in several achievements and contributed to enabling the Club to embrace the juniors and youths, and enhance their skills and capabilities in football. Mr. Ata highlighted the achievements made by the Club in the current year, as the Foundation’s girls team attained the second position in the Astra Championship held in France. The Foundation’s player, Leila was selected as the best player in championship.  Furthermore, the team of male juniors - born in 2005 - attained the fifth position in the Astra Championship.


The Foundation’s team was qualified to participate in the central league for juniors. Moreover, the Foundation’s team won the “Future Stars” Championship of sexpartite football as well as the Ramadan tournament of Ramallah and Al Bireh for quintet football tournament. Atta called on all institutions to cooperate in supporting the cubs, juniors and youth in the various fields of sports.