National Beverage Company provides two tablets to the winners of the Programmer Student Contest


Nablus- Al-Hayat Economic- The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) sponsored the ceremony to honor the two girl students who won the Programmer Student Contest, which was held in the Directorate of Nablus. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Ahmed Sawalhah, Director of Education & Higher Education in Nablus. NBC presented two tablets computers to the students who won the first and second places in the Contest.


The Ministry of Education & Higher Education (MOHE) announced the results of the first Student Programming” contest which was organized by the Directorate General for Educational Technology and Information Technology countrywide. The students Samah Nazeer Keradeh and Reham Mounir Al-Ktout, from Talae'e El Amal High School for Girls at Nablus, won the “Student Programming” contest.


The ceremony was attended by Samar El-Kadi, Director of Public Relations, and Moussa Abu Raad, Head of Educational Technology Section at Nablus Directorate. From NBC, the ceremony was attended by Alaa Esawi, NBC Technical Coordinator. The attendants also included representatives of Talae'e El Amal High School for Girls, and a group of the student training supervisors.


Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, said he is proud of contributing in honoring the winners of the “Student Programming” contest with Nablus Education Directorate and Kadoorie University which hosted the contest, out of NBC’s faith of its role in promoting the students’ innovation and creativity abilities and enabling the students to refine their technological skills and channeling them in a correct practical manner.  


Mr. al-Hindi commended the outstanding efforts of the MOHE and the schools to bring up a leading-edge generation that keeps up with the technological civilization in the world, in addition to fostering of the extracurricular activities and competitions that instill the spirit of enthusiasm and relentlessness within the students. He said that he takes pride in the long-standing partnership between NBC and the MOHE and its directorates in all governorates which forms a part of NBC’s continuous obligation toward the corporate social responsibility.


In his speech, Alaa Esawi, NBC Technical Coordinator, extended congratulations to the winners and the administration of Talae'e El Amal High School for outperforming the other schools nationwide.


He noted that NBC’s contribution in honoring the students reflects the deep long-standing relationship between the MOHE and NBC and the company’s devotion to continue supporting the education course and enhance the students’ abilities to engage in strong competitions as innovative students in all forums.


On his part, Mr. Ahmed Sawalheh, Director of Education & Higher Education at Nablus, valued the sponsorship and awards presented by NBC and he asserted that NBC always strives to foster and encourage education. He extended thanks and appreciation to NBC Management for embracing the outstanding students all the time.


He hoped that NBC and the private institutions continue supporting the education sector. Sawalheh also extended thanks to Kadoorie University for its efforts hosting the contest and presenting two full scholarships to Keradeh and Al-Ktout, the winners, to study the various computer fields in the university.


Mr. Moussa Abu Raad pointed out that 796 students from all the governorates participated in the contest and sat an evaluation exam which measures rapidity and accuracy in answering the questions, and then five students from each directorate were qualified. He indicated that 84 students were qualified to the second round of the contest, out of whom 32 were qualified to the final round where 10 students won the first positions.


Abu Raad indicated that a number of trainers and supervisors at the Educational Technology and Computer Section delivered intensive and high-level training to the students which covered all the elements and languages of programming and logical thinking skills.