Under NBC Sponsorship Bahbah: YMCA Squash Academy is the first of its kind nationwide


Al-Quds - Pal Sport Agency


On Friday, Andrea Bahbah, Director of the Community Center of Al Quds Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), announced the launch of Al Quds Academy for Squash in the courts of the Community Center in Al Quds.  The event witnessed the participation of more than 50 players of both genders, and unpaid training for its members. It worth noting that the most prominent squash champions in Palestine and those of YMCA are supervising the trainings, led by the most honorable coach, Abd Al Hameed Abo Rmela “Hamedo” along with others. He noted that the Academy is a first of its kind in Quds and Palestine, especially that YMCA squash court is the only one in the city.


Bahbah further thanked NBC for providing the uniforms, with “Cappy” logo, and squash training supplies. He extends special thanks to Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, for his continuous follow-up of the progress of the Academy and its members and to Alaa Esawi, Head of the Public Relations and Technical Department Coordinator.


Bahbah referred to the fact that Al Quds' YMCA has established during the past three years basketball, table tennis, and squash academies for the youth of different ages under the supervision of Eissa Qesisah Al Maqdisi and Moussa Al-Khatib. These academies aim at spreading these sports and founding teams, along with national teams in Al Quds capable of competing at governorates-level.


On his part, Me. Imad al-Hindi expressed his pride of the partnership between NBC and YMCA, one of the oldest sports academies in Palestine that includes some of the oldest and largest courts, facilities and swimming pools in Al Quds for more more than 7 decades. He believed that establishing such academy in Al Quds and in YMCA would promote Al Quds presence as the Capital city and have so many significant implications.


Mr. al-Hindi emphasized the importance and priority given to Al Quds and its establishments in NBC’s agenda, calling on all companies and entities to take on their social responsibilities by supporting sport in Al Quds, the Capital city.


On the other hand, Youssef Fetiha, YMCA Sports Manager noted that a special championship will be held for the academy champions, preceded by a training for the squash coaches and referees within Jerusalem’s Sport Federations Groups program, promoting technical and administrative personnel from Al Quds coaches and referees under the supervision of Ferido Hezo, JFSG Board member.