National Beverage Company Sponsors the Sports Teams in the Community Youth Center of Askar Refugee Camp

Beitunia: National Beverages Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) offered its sponsorship to the three sports teams of the Community Youth Center of Askar Refugee Camp in Nablus. NBC provided the clubs with uniforms and sports footwear bearing the logo of "Coca-Cola".


The sponsorship includes the first team, composed of 24 players and the youth team composed of 26 players as well as Askar Football Academy that embraces 150 students, of the age group 12-16.


Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, expressed his pleasure to offer sponsorship to the sports teams, emphasizing that NBC is always keen to sponsor and support professional, talented and young players in all their places, especially in remote villages and refugee camps.  He further expressed his pride of the first team's achievements and activities during its participation in the different national tournaments and national league. He stressed NBC’s interest in supporting football academies that would raise a sports hard-working and strong generation and enable players to harness their talents and build their capacities. He praised the presence of the female team in the Askar Center's Football Academy and the interest of the management in equally promoting the talents of children of both genders in terms of sports.


Mr. al-Hindi also highlighted the importance of launching initiatives by the private sector entities to sponsor, support and enable community centers and entities interest in serving and developing youth of different age in order to undertake our joint social responsibilities.


Muhammad al-Nouri, Head of Administrative Board of Askar Community Youth Center, thanked NBC, expressing the gratitude of all the board members, players and fans towards NBC, headed by Imad al-Hindi, General Manage of NBC. "NBC support will help the Community Youth Center in offering various activities, especially sports. We are honored to bear the logo of "Coca-Cola" and represent Askar team and NBC in all our participations in the current league across governorates".


Mr. al-Nouri commended NBC initiative, as a private company embracing athletes and representing the state nationally and internationally. He explained that the Community Youth Center, founded in 1959, is a scouting cultural and social sports club, offering its services to the old and new refugees of Askar camp and inhabitants of community houses. The management of the club is continuously doing its best to enhance and improve the performance of the team players as well as the girls' team in the football academy. Thus, it offers full uniform and weeds the court to become more adequate for training and supporting players.