A Delegation from the Bundestag visits National Beverage Company to review the Dual Studies Program in Al-Quds University

Ramallah – Al-Hayat Economic - A high-level delegation from the German Parliament (Bundestag) visited the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) plant and headquarters in Ramallah. The delegation was escorted by Dr. Salah Al-Din Odeh, Dean of the Dual Studies Program in Al-Quds University. This visit aims at obtaining first hand field information about students’ training under the Dual Studies Program in Al-Quds University and identifying the progress of the partnership among the German government, Al-Quds University and Palestinian private sector companies.
The guest delegation was received by Mr. Imad al-Hindi, NBC General Manager, Mr. Rami Afaneh, NBC HR Manager, Mr. George Odeh, Ramallah Plant Manager, Mr. Alaa Esawi, NBC Technical Department and PR Coordinator, Mr. Wissam Zeib, representative of Increased Job Opportunities for Palestinian Youth Project, implemented by German International Cooperation (GIZ) and a number of officials from the Representative Office of Germany in Ramallah.
The Bundestag delegation’s visit came to be acquainted with the achievements of the Palestinian-German collaboration in the fields of economic development and education. It also addressed the means of developing and enhancing this partnership in the future. The visit allowed the delegation to exchange ideas on that issue with the University representatives, NBC officials and Dual Studies Program trainees. Dr. Salah El-Din Odeh, Dean of the Dual Studies Program in Al-Quds University and the German delegation visited the divisions where the University students work and train in NBC plant and headquarters. In addition, students talked about the actual professional experience they are gaining from the only dual studies program in the Middle East exclusively delivered by Al-Quds University in participation with the German Government.
Mr. al-Hindi provided a detailed presentation on NBC and its strategic partnership with the Dual Studies Program, which welcomes the program students during the training sessions, and allows them to benefit from their training at NBC by gaining practical experience according to international standards, and improves their career chances after graduation.  He further expressed his pride in the partnership with Al-Quds University in this Program and commended the support of the German Government and GIZ to the educational and training programs, which refines students' skills and qualify them to join the labor market. "It is our pleasure to sponsor students and enable them to practically apply what they have learned in NBC plants and offices and gain the skills required to be qualified and empowered to join the labor market after graduation. We believe that NBC will always welcome students with hands outstretched for partnerships aiming at promoting opportunities for the Palestinian youth", he added.
On his part, Dr. Odeh delivered a demonstration to the delegation on the Program, its achievements and application approaches according to the German experience in this field. He pointed out that the Program has become a model to be followed in Palestine and the region. Odeh expressed his gratitude on behalf of Al-Quds University to the German government for its support in applying this higher education model through the University. He also wishes that this experience would become an incubator for the creativity of Palestinian youth and a platform for moving towards a promising future through which they can effectively participate in building a strong and independent Palestinian economy.
The Bundestag delegation expressed its appreciation to the partnership between Al-Quds University and the private sector institutions in Palestine, through the Dual Studies Program. This partnership allowed students who joined the Program to be acquainted with and positively involve in the labor market. The delegation further reiterated that the German Government will keep on supporting the Program in Al-Quds University, since it is a key pillar in reducing unemployment among youth and helping them join the labor market.
It worth noting that the Dual Studies Programs is the first of its kind in Palestine and the Middle East. It is a program, which aims at developing the higher education by combining between the academic and practical education.
The most important feature of this Program is that it is based on the model adopted for more than forty years in Germany. Now it is being implemented in Al-Quds University with the support of the German Government and in collaboration with GIZ and KFW.
240 students are enrolled in the Dual Studies Programs, which has 3 different specialties namely, the electrical engineering, business administration and information technology. Moreover, the Program allows students to join the practical training programs in more than 150 private partner institutions.