National Beverage Company completes the equipping of the Vocational training center of Oqab Mofaddi Secondary Girls School in Howwara


Nablus – Al Hayat Economic - In collaboration with Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) complete the equipping of the vocational training workshop in Oqab Mofaddi Secondary Girls School in the town of Howwara affiliated to the South Nablus Education and Higher Education Directorate. NBC has provided all the equipment and tools required for the vocational workshop for garment designing.
NBC provide the workshop with furniture and the required equipment, including sewing machines and other tools and apparatuses. They were delivered to the Oqab Mofaddi Secondary Girls School in the presence of Alaa Esawi, Chief of the Public Relations and Technical Department Coordinator, Logistics Department in South Nablus Education and Higher Education Directorate and Maisoon Swalha, the School Principal.
In this Context, H.E Sabri Saidam, Minister of Education and Higher Education expressed his thanks and gratitude to NBC for supporting the Ministry in its efforts, with a view to develop and expand the vocational and technical education base within the Palestinian educational system. This marks the Ministry belief in the vital importance of this sector, being the foundation for advancing economy and development in the country. He further noted that the Ministry is accelerating the pace towards more expansion and interest in vocational and technical education in all Palestinian schools in order to encourage, promote the demand towards this vital sector, and change the people's lofty view of it.
He expressed his pleasure with NBC initiative to develop the infrastructure of the vocational education in Oqab Mofaddi Secondary Girls School. This comes in line with the support provided by the local institutions, charitable people, township councils and municipalities as well as other bodies that directly support all the Education Sector's levels and phases. The support includes the establishment and expansion of schools and providing them with the required equipment and tools to promote the Palestinian approach in all the educational aspects.
In addition, Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, expressed the pride of NBC board of directors and general management with the continuing partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education that is firmly established year after year, benefitting the support and development of the educational and vocational process.
Mr. al-Hindi extended his thanks and gratitude to Dr. Sabri Saidam for his ongoing commitment to sponsor all initiatives that may improve students academically or vocationally. He further added that NBC board of directors is glad to conduct this initiative by equipping the vocational workshop for girls, as NBC believes in the importance of developing the vocational and technical education and improving the students’ abilities. This aims ultimately at enabling students to scale up their abilities and directly join the labor market after secondary school. He stressed that the students’ industrial and vocational skills should not be overlooked. However, they should be included within the framework of supporting the educational and development process in addition to the development of all sectors without any contradiction.
On her part, Hala Jamal Oudh, a student in the first grade of the vocational secondary phase in Aqab Mfaddi Secondary Girls School, expressed her pleasure with the support provided to the school and the female students. “It is nice that companies support the students’ dreams and future. I dream of being a fashion designer, which is the perfect specialty for me as we learn it ever since the first secondary grade to the final one. Then, we graduate from high school ready to go to colleges or work. It is a very successful project that helps in reducing unemployment”, she added.