Gaza: National Beverage Company shares Ramadan Iftar buffets with more than 400 orphan children


Gaza: -Al-Hayat Economic – The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) organized its annual Iftar buffets that was marked by the participation of 410 orphan children. The event, organized in cooperation with Hasad Al Khair Association for Orphan Care and the Mercy Association (Mabarat Al Rahman), took place in the Roots Restaurant on the Beach of Gaza Sea with the participation of a group of employees, children's guardians, and teachers as well.

Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of the National Beverage Company, said that "organizing this annual event, with its warmth and feeling of love for children, reflects the principles of social solidarity, and reinforces the bonds of community in the Holy month of Ramadan." He pointed out that those are the objectives that NBC Management seeks to achieve in line with the principle of social responsibility. He added that NBC is not only sharing Iftar banquet with families in the month of mercy, but always trying to create moments of joy, intimacy, and feelings of family bonds and intimate atmosphere for orphan children.
Mr. al-Hindialso commended the annual cooperation and long partnership in charitable work with the two associations, affirming that the continuation of relation among them reflects the good intentions. He also praised their humanitarian efforts devoted to embrace orphan children, help them, nurture children in a wholesome environment, and provide them with educational services especially in the context of difficult circumstances in Gaza strip.
On his part, Dr. Sobhy Al Yazjy expressed thanks and gratitude of Hasad Khair management to NBC for keeping its utmost care and support for orphan children through sponsoring the Iftar reception for consecutive four years, in addition to its continuous support for Palestinian orphans, and providing school bags every year for orphans and poor students.

El Yazji added: "As every year in the Iftar, we are watching different shows, including religious supplications, Dabke, and a speech about the importance of orphans' foster care and support". He also stressed the importance of this event and its role in bringing joy to children’s hearts, and giving them the chance to enter place they think it only belongs to the rich and upper classes, in addition to spreading intimacy among guardians, families, and teachers.