National Beverage Company organizes Ramadan Iftar for Orphans in Hebron, Jericho and Tubas

- The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) shares three Ramadan Iftar buffets with orphans and their families, served in cooperation with Sabil Charitable Society for Orphans, Tubas, the Islamic Charitable Society, Bani Na'im branch, Hebron, and the Naseebah Al-Mazniyeh Association, Jericho. More than 540 orphans attended the Iftar banquets with their families and guardians this year, in addition to a group of NBC's employees.

Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, expressed his happiness with the joy of Ramadan Iftars, adding that such Iftar banquets that have been made in cooperation with the charities caring for orphans and their families, has become an annual custom that NBC's employees are happy to organize, and share their Iftar with the children, seeking to earn a reward from Allah, achieve social solidarity in the community, and create an atmosphere of family affinity.
Mr. al-Hindi praised the efforts of the three charitable societies represented in embracing orphaned children and their families, aiding sheltered families, in addition to helping them and ensuring that they are raised in a healthy family environment. He added that, stemming from NBC’s belief in the need to contribute in social solidarity, and the management commitment to its social responsibility, especially during the Holy month of Ramadan, NBC seeks to sponsor Iftar ceremonies in a large number of areas during the following years.
On her part, Fat'hia Haymour, Head of the Management Board of the Naseebah Al-Mazniyeh, Jericho, thanked NBC management for sponsoring the Iftar that was held at Abu Omar restaurant, with the participation of 160 orphans and sheltered families. She added that this gesture is important and good, especially as it gives an opportunity to be with orphans, widows, and chaste families during the Holy month of Ramadan, and it contributes to providing the family atmosphere.
She expressed her hope for the ongoing sponsorship of Ramadan Iftars that the Naseebah Al-Mazniyeh will organize in the coming years, pointing out the importance of Naseebah Al-Mazniyeh's support provided to help children and poor families, and the continuity of good works.
In his turn, Bilal Daraghmeh, Head of the Sabil Charitable Society for Orphan Care, said that the children and their mothers were very happy with the Ramadan atmosphere and gifts that were presented at the end of the Iftar ceremony, praising the arrangement and organization of the Iftar held at Yasmine restaurant in Tubas.
He added that the Iftar witnessed the participation of 150 orphans together with their mothers and guardians. He expressed thanks and gratitude to NBC for implementing this successful social and humanitarian event. He also appreciated that NBC provided a range of beverages to Sabil Association, which was distributed to orphans' families in Tubas.
Jamal Manasrah, Director of the Islamic Charity, Bani Na'im branch in Hebron, thanked all the organizers and supervisors of the Ramadan Iftar Activity, which was funded and supported by NBC, and in which 230 orphans participated together with their mothers and guardians.
He said: “the joy and happiness spread in the charity's hall which witnessed the effectiveness of Iftar. The children also were pleased with the gifts NBC's representatives distributed on the occasion of Ramadan and upcoming Eid al-Fitr".
It is worth be pointed out that in cooperation with Hassad El-Kheir Association for Orphans Care and the Mercy Association for Children, NBC organized its annual Iftar Buffets in Gaza during the last week, with the participation of 405 orphan children.