National Beverage Company and Raya organize the events of joy and distribute gifts to orphans and patients

Ramallah- Alhaya Economic- The National Beverages Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) organized, in cooperation with Raya for Media and Publishing Company, on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, a campaign to distribute gifts to children in a number of orphanages and other special associations concerned with the welfare of children with special needs and autism.
More than 480 gifts have been distributed in addition to organizing events of joy and fun for the children in cooperation with Jabal Al-Najmah Rehabilitation Centre, Family Refreshing Kindergarten and Nursery, Al-Nahdha Women Society in Ramallah and Al-Bierh governorates, Arab Women’s Union Association, Korean Palestinian IT Institute of Excellence in Nablus governorate and the Islamic Charity of Hebron.
Mr.  Imad Al-Hindi, General Manager of the National Beverages Company Coca-Cola/Cappy confirmed the eagerness of NBC to instill a spirit of hope and joy in children in the Eid, especially those who are deprived from the warmth of a family or those who suffer from chronic diseases.   He added that: “we seek to gift them a beam of light and love on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, and to be a reason for their happiness and enhance their emotional state”.


Mr.  Al-Hindi thanked the associations and centers that cooperated with NBC and Raya in carrying out this event, and appreciated their continuous efforts over the year to enhance, improve and provide distinguished services for the children, as well as their ongoing success in integrating such children with their societies, especially children with autism and special needs.  He pointed out the importance of supporting such institutions by private sector companies and provide them with sustenance in their journey that aims to embrace children and raise them properly.
Mr.  Al-Hindi also expressed his pride of the partnership with Raya Company and the continuing cooperation with the management of the company for the third time in a row.  He pointed out that such partnership as a role model to support the marginalized segments.
On her part, the Director General of Raya Company, Hiba Al-Wazni, expressed her pride and honor of the good partnership between Raya and NBC.  She asserted that organizing this event annually has been in line with the social responsibility of Raya as one of the Palestinian’ private companies committed to bringing joy and gladness to children.  

Mrs. Al-Wazni added that the event included the distribution of gifts to children with special needs and autism and orphans out of the endeavor of both companies to share the joy of Eid Al-Fitr with them. She highlighted Raya’s care to share the people of Palestine all their cultural, traditional and national occasions by media sponsorships.