Consumer Protection Associations and National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy Continue the National Product Support Initiative


Consumer Protection Associations distribute materials to summer camp students.
Ramallah - The Palestinian Coalition of Consumer Protection Associations and the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) continued "Menna Wa Elna" (From Us To Us) Initiative, which aims to support national products, raise consumer awareness of their rights and means of defending them, and encourage consumers to buy Palestinian products of international specifications and quality.
The campaign workers visited three summer camps in Hebron and three in Nablus, as well as two summer camps in Bethlehem and two in Qalqilya.  The campaign focused on holding open meetings with school students where more than 1,000 children were briefed on the quality of national products and their conformity with the Palestinian standards, international quality standards and Palestinian consumer rights through campaign workers’ visiting.
Since the beginning of April, "Menna Wa Elna" (From Us To Us) Initiative has continued with the support of NBC and Al-Tayf Company for Food and Dairy Products, and with the participation of Siniora Food Industries Company and Al-Arz Ice Cream Company.
On the initiative, Salah Hanieh, General Coordinator of the coalition and the Head of the association in Ramallah and Al-Bireh, stressed on the importance of continuing the consumer awareness initiative on basic rights, informing him about the role of the Consumer Protection Association in receiving complaints, and the importance of citizen interaction by filing complaints. He praised the cooperation of school directorates and summer camp administrations that contributes to the successful meetings.
Hanieh expressed his thanks to Yasser Arafat Foundation, the National Committee for Summer Camps, and the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports for their cooperation in facilitating the visit of the summer camps and meeting the students. He also considered that the strategic partnership with NBC in this initiative and in several other events, and the role of Siniora Food Industries Company and Al-Arz Ice Cream Company are the guarantee for the success of several activities organized in schools in the first phase of the initiative and in the summer camps in the second phase.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, said: “Supporting national products is a national duty of everyone, and raising awareness about the importance of the Palestinian products to have the main share in the market is critical and drives towards promoting the local industry, which will in turn increase the opportunities for Palestinian labor and talents.”
Mr. al-Hindi pointed out the need for ongoing efforts to raise the awareness of children and students about consumer rights, in addition to encouraging them to consume the Palestinian product, which was able to compete with other products. He explained that NBC was keen to provide various options to products of international quality and manufactured by Palestinian hands, in line with the vision of NBC on providing the best for the consumer. These products include beverages, juices, and water, in addition to the products of Al-Tayf Dairy and Food Products Company in Tulkarm. Al-Tayf, which received an exclusive Concession from the French company, Candia, the first at the European level in terms of the production of dairy and cheese products, provides its products that made by Palestinian hands to the Palestinian consumer and with high quality.