The project succeeded in recycling more than 2000 tons of papers National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy sponsors the Project of Ommar El Ard “Save a Tree by Recycling Paper”


Ramallah - Al-Hayat Economic - For the fourth consecutive year, the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola//Cappy (NBC) sponsored «Save a Tree by Recycling Paper» Project, which is implemented by Ommar El Ard Foundation. NBC sponsorship included financing the printing and purchase of boxes and bags used for paper collection, as well as printing the billboard signs on the paper collection center behind Beitunia Municipality.
NBC provided about 500 boxes for collecting and recycling damaged papers as well as1000 eco-friendly bags, distributed to 200 schools in agreement with the Directorate of Education in Ramallah and Al-Bireh. Also, the boxes were distributed to a number of printing presses, universities, banks, institutions, governmental and private authorities participated in the project. At the end of the two-week project, more than 2,000 tons of papers were recycled in cooperation with a paper recycling plant in Jericho.
In this context, Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, said that NBC management was keen to take part in this viable environmental process, to get rid of papers and books in a proper and healthy manner that contributes to the protection of the local environment from the risks of collecting paper and plastic materials. He also stressed the priority of environmental issue under the Company's strategic plans, and NBC’s role in providing support and assistance to multiple recycling projects and environmental projects.
Mr. al-Hindi added “we are proud of our relationship and partnership with Ommar El Ard Foundation, and we appreciate its outstanding efforts in maintaining a clean and pollution-free Palestinian environment, and the efforts of those who work on «Save a Tree by Recycling Paper» project, as well. This effort is in line with the company's objectives.” He also thanked the cooperation provided by governmental and private authorities, especially schools, universities, municipalities, and banks.
On her part, Sundus Sulaiman, Deputy Director of Ommar El Ard Foundation, thanked the efforts of NBC, which is the first to sponsor the project by providing eco- friendly bags and boxes, in addition to providing juices and water as a hospitality to schools and institutions that participate in collecting books in the specific location. These efforts are alongside its sponsorship of printing awareness and outreach publications. Sulaiman added that the problem of solid waste disposal is an old and new problem facing the municipalities, where the Foundation seeks to cooperate with NBC to find solutions to this problem, and minimize the burden on municipalities.

She also added "The Foundation is implementing the project twice during the year, at the end of each semester, in which special bags and boxes are distributed to the participating institutions, in order to collect the damaged papers and books to be destroyed in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Sulaiman also pointed out that Ommar El Ard is in the process of expanding the recycling project to include electronic and electrical equipment.