National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy signs a sponsorship agreement with the Junior Team of the Orthodox Ramallah Club


Beitunia - The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/ Cappy (NBC) signed an agreement to provide sponsorship for the basketball junior team of the Orthodox Ramallah Club. The sponsorship includes the provision of sportswear, shoes, and sport equipment as required for training.  
The agreement was signed at NBC’s headquarters in the presence of Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, and Dr. Hani Al-Hosari, President of the Orthodox Ramallah Club, and member of the Executive Office of the Palestinian Olympic Committee.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi stated that he was pleased for sponsoring the basketball junior team; and noted that the agreement symbolizes the continuity of cooperation and partnership between the Orthodox Ramallah Club and the National Beverage Company, which has paid off in the past as evident in the outstanding and excellent performance of the team in the local championships.
Furthermore, Mr. al-Hindi asserted that NBC is keen to support the juniors and the youth due to the importance of driving the capacities and potentials of the youth toward sports, in addition to developing and refining the skills of the talented youth, as the juniors score outstanding results and make their best if they receive the necessary support. Mr. al-Hindi noted the profound partnership with the Orthodox Ramallah Club which is one of the most important clubs in the Palestinian sports, especially in basketball. Further, the Orthodox Ramallah Club is one of the oldest Palestinian sporting establishments which provided many talented and outstanding players since its inception. 
Dr. Hani Al-Hosari extended thanks to NBC for its continuous support to the Orthodox Ramallah Club's junior team. He commended NBC's continuous support to the team for many years, and to the basketball school for male and female juniors, which is providing the team with talented players. At the same time, the basketball school aims at creating a team that can lead the basketball sport and prepare a team that is fit in the health, physical, and psychological aspects to become an asset for the Orthodox Ramallah Club's teams.
Dr. Al-Hosari added that the Orthodox Ramallah Club's junior team is one of the best teams as it won the minor league last year and scored good results in the present year in the 2003-born Championship while some players of the team who were born in 2001 will participate in the upcoming championship wearing the uniforms provided by NBC, which display the Sprite logo.