National Beverage Company Coca-Coal/Cappy Sponsors the Men's Basketball Team at De La Salle Club of Jerusalem

Ramallah - Al-Hayat Sports - The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) and De Lassale Club of Jerusalem signed a sponsorship agreement for the Men's Basketball Team of the Club. The agreement was signed at the NBC headquarters in Beitunia by Mr. Imad Hindi, General Manager of NBC and Mr. Anton Sabella, President of the Club, in the presence of Mr. Alaa Al Esawi of NBC and Mary Mina, Chairman of the Social Committee and General Supervisor of the Club, Fadi Hindo, Treasurer, and Mrs. Nisreen Abdullah, Secretary of De La Salle Club.
Al Hindi expressed his pride in partnering with De La Salle Club of Jerusalem, as one of the oldest clubs in the Old Town of Jerusalem, pointing out that this agreement confirms the interest of NBC in supporting the local sports clubs in the Old Town of Jerusalem, as the company has sponsored the basketball team of De La Salle Club over the past five years, in recognition of the importance of the role of the Palestinian private sector in supporting the youth and athletes of Jerusalem who accomplished great achievements at the region's level, and some of them have high athletic talents and waiting for the support and care from their Palestinian community so that they can proceed with their sporting career and accomplish further achievements for Jerusalem.
"We are keen to continue our support to back up the Club in its efforts to achieve the highest ranks. We are proud to be part of these efforts to support the De LaSalle basketball team in particular, as well as to offer the required support to the Club in general", Mr. Al-Hindi added. He praised the club's remarkable history of achievements, especially successes accomplished by the men's basketball team in the past years. Therefore, we seek to support and enable the Club to continue its achievements and strengthen the position of Palestine and Jerusalem on the map of basketball and sports in the region as well as the whole world. "In addition to its keenness to commit itself with the distinguished quality of its products, a standard which the Palestinian people deserve, the National Beverage Company is keen to support the local community, sports, youth and youngsters of both genders in Palestine out of its recognition of the importance of providing the suitable environment for accommodating and embracing the skills and aspirations of young people in extremely difficult economic and social conditions; especially as Palestine is full of youth capabilities and sports talents which reached advanced positions not only at the region's, but also at the world's level", Mr. Al-Hindi added.
Mr. Sabella, in turn, appreciated the interest shown by NBC in sponsoring the first men's basketball team, which has 15 players. The Company has supported the Club and the team for more than once over the past years, which would help the team members to continue their training, enhance the players' skills and participate in different tournaments locally, regionally and internationally.
Sabella commended such support provided to the basketball's first team of De La Salle Club, and particularly, given the limited possibilities and difficulties facing the Club. Sabella stressed that this support will contribute to the accomplishment of more achievements. Sabella praised the role of NBC in supporting sport in Palestine and its interest in supporting the sports activities in the Old Town of Jerusalem. He also expressed his pride in NBC which proved its excellence and became the pride of the Palestinian national industry.
Sabella explained that the De La Salle Club, which was founded in 1986, recently includes prominent names in basketball such as Sari Amer, who won the MVP title in the Premier League 2016, in addition to other distinguished players such as George Zidan, Taili Rafidi, Ammar Noffal and Rashid Salman and others. Sabella stressed that the Club recognizes the importance of its social role towards the people of the Old Town, especially young people and youngsters, and seeks to provide a safe and encouraging environment for young people and youngsters especially in the Old Town of Jerusalem to find a haven that contributes to fill the void and develop their sports, cultural and social abilities and drive them towards sports activities thus protect them from negative phenomena which are threatening the people of Jerusalem such as drugs and smoking. He added that the Club includes a basketball academy for the cubs of both genders targeting the ages from 7-18 years old, the club also contains basketball teams for women and girls, pointing out that the sports teams in De La Salle Jerusalem are having their training at the playgrounds of Frere School, which made its facilities available for the use and the training of the Club and its sports teams.