By Providing 200 direct jobs and 2000 indirect jobs Gaza Coca-Cola Factory is about to launch a Filling Line for Soft Drinks in Metal Cans

Gaza – Al Hayat Economic - Less than a year after its launch in Gaza, Coca-Cola factory has recently embarked on the second stage of installing and operating the filling line of soft drinks in metal cans after the Coca-Cola factory in Gaza industrial zone were supplied with equipment and machinery, which would provide direct and indirect employment opportunities in the Gaza.
The Gaza factory was launched in 2016 with a total cost of USD 20 million, providing in the first phase, which included the filling line of soft drinks in glass refills; 120 direct jobs and about 1,200 indirect jobs. With the launch of the second phase by operating the filling line of soft drinks in metal cans, the factory will accommodate more workers, bringing the total number of employees and workers to nearly 200 workers with direct jobs, in addition to about 2000 indirect jobs.
The National Beverage Company (NBC) is the third largest job provider in Palestine. About 700 employees are provided with jobs in the West Bank and Gaza, in addition to about 7,000 indirect jobs throughout the country.


Manar Madi, an employee at Gaza Coca-Cola factory, expressed his pride for joining the family of the factory and NBC. "No one is aware of the suffering we are experiencing in the Gaza Strip, and without such investments and the efforts some companies and factories, we would not have been able to survive, I’d thank NBC for its dedication and determination to open the factory to create hundreds of job opportunities for many of our people. I hope that the Palestinian private sector will take part in these efforts to support the economy in the Gaza Strip and save thousands of the Palestinian youth and families.'', he added.

NBC General Manager, Mr. Imad al-Hindi believed that it was not easy to access the Gaza market under the precarious conditions and complexities. However, the will of the board of Directors and the executive management, along with the determination of NBC staff helped overcoming the challenges and building Gaza Coca-Cola factory. This in turn contributed to the promotion of Gaza economy, incentivize local and international investments in the sector and providing thousands of direct and indirect job opportunities for its members.
About the importance of Gaza Coca-Cola factory in the Strip, "NBC achievements would not be completed without Gaza Coca-Cola factory. We intend to continue expanding in the future to contribute to bringing Palestinian industry pride to Gaza and to provide our people in Gaza with NBC different products, such as: natural juices and mineral water, because we realize that our people in Gaza deserve the outstanding international taste and the Palestinian industry of which they should be proud.", confirmed Al-Hindi.
He added ‘‘Despite the challenges of investing in Palestine in general and in the Gaza Strip in particular, NBC has striven to work in the Gaza Strip to provide the diverse options and unique flavors of the best soft drinks products, known for their global quality and being manufactured in Palestinian. Thus, NBC was one of the first companies that have invested in the Gaza industrial zone since 1998, it has reached Gaza market by supplying its products from its factories in the West Bank to its distribution centers in the Gaza industrial zone, until the factory in Gaza was established.’’ he added.
"Despite the difficult challenges that face investors in Gaza, we are still keen on investing in Gaza, to contribute to the recovery of its economy, and alleviate economic and social burdens by creating hundreds of job opportunities for youth and qualified people. It is expected that the number of employees in direct jobs in the factory reaches approximately 300 employees, after the completion of the third phase by the end of next year as well as about 3,000 indirect jobs.’’, he continued.
NBC vision is not only limited to investing and supplying its products in Gaza markets, but before the establishment of the factory, NBC was keen to allocate a part of its budget to Gaza Strip, with a view to support projects and programs of social responsibility on an annual basis in different sectors, including health, education, youth, persons with special needs and sports. The community projects supported by NBC includes: the project of children's libraries in public hospitals, the ‘‘Back to School’’ project and distribution of school bags and stationery to orphans, children with special needs and chaste families’ children, projects of supporting persons with special needs through civil society organizations, and the projects of supporting local sports clubs requirements, as well as other charity projects.
The "Empowering sustainable communities in Gaza" initiative, announced by NBC, ‘‘Coca-Cola’’ Foundation and ‘‘Mercy Corps’’ last year, is one of the most important development and community initiatives in the Gaza Strip. The initiative, for which implementation USD 1.3 million is allocated, aims at supporting more than 30.000 Palestinian beneficiaries in 3 years and youth empowerment. It involves the construction of a water desalination plant near Al-Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, thus contributing to the provision of a sustainable source of clean drinking water to the camp's residents, as well as the creation of hundreds of job opportunities for youth.