Ministry of Education and Higher Education, INJAZ Palestine and National Beverage Company honor the Schools Participating in INJAZ Programs

Ramallah – The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE), INJAZ Palestine Organization and the National Beverages Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) have honored the educational institutions participating in INJAZ programs in the school year 2016/2017.
The honoring took place during a ceremony sponsored and attended by Dr. Sabri Saidam, Minister of Education and Higher Education, Randa Salama, General Manager of INJAZ Palestine, Imad al-Hindi, NBC General Manger and ceremony supporter, Sadiq Al-Khaddour, General Director of Student Activities and many senior managers from the Ministry. In addition, school principals of the participating schools in INJAZ programs, many of the Ministry’s officials and INJAZ staff members, a group of NBC employees as well as Palestinian media representatives, attended the ceremony.
In his speech, Dr. Saidam emphasized the Ministry's commitment towards INJAZ progress and the importance of implementing its programs in Palestine schools; being a genuine part of promoting entrepreneurship. He asked “Where will they go?” referring to the inflating numbers of the unemployed; which made the Ministry think continuously in mechanisms to overcome this obstacle and challenge. He also highlighted the Ministry’s trends towards supporting and developing the sector of vocational and technical education, which will solve the issue. He added “There’s a strong relationship between the future of employment and both sectors of leadership and business in Palestine”.  
Mr. Al-hindi welcomed Minister Saidam, and the staff of the Ministry, the educational institutions and INJAZ Palestine, while expressing NBC pride of its permanent partnership with MOEHE and INJAZ Palestine; considering that this cooperation embodies the integrated partnership between different governmental, private and non-governmental institutions to promote education in Palestine, especially the extracurricular education regarded as the cornerstone of the right upbringing of the future generations, especially through shaping the students’ characters, developing their abilities, raising their readiness levels to handle bigger tasks in the future and taking the lead in implementing projects, businesses and leadership initiatives that would contribute in developing different fields and sectors across the nation.
On her part, Salama thanked MOEHE, represented by its Minister Dr. Saidam, and all its staffs and members participating in INJAZ programs for their efforts and interest in this experience which had a substantial effect on the students. These programs contributed in developing the students’ skills and abilities and qualified them to plan and implement their own leadership projects and businesses in the future. Salama also praised the students’ own interest and their evident seriousness, creativity and dedication in their projects.
Salama pointed out that in 12 years, INJAZ Palestine has benefited near to 250,000 students from 171 private, public and UNRWA-affiliated schools in 10 governorates: Ramallah, Nablus, Hebron, Jenin, Salfit, Tulkarm, Qalqilya, Khan Yunis, Gaza and Al-Quds. The students took part in implementing INJAZ programs which helped them acquire the necessary skills to enter the business world under the supervision of 5000 volunteer from major Palestinian private sector companies.
During the ceremony, held in NBC headquarters in Beitunia, honorary shields have been awarded to the representatives of the educational institutions participating in INJAZ programs. These include providing educational-economic practical courses focusing on three main areas: leadership, financial knowledge and business readiness. These programs have been implemented in public, private and UNRWA-affiliated schools in collaboration with volunteers (men and women) from private sectors’ foundations; aiming at qualifying students to engage in the “battlefield” of life and the business world. A short film has been broadcasted during the ceremony to introduce INJAZ Palestine Organization, in addition to another film about the program of enhancing the schooling environment, one of INJAZ Palestine’s programs, that aims at renovating a number of schools to ensure providing a perfect schooling environment for the students.


In her speech, on behalf of the educational institutions participating in INJAZ programs, Asmaa Maqboul, School principal  of Al-Haja Rashda Al-Masry Secondary School for Girls in Nablus, said that the success story with INJAZ started with regular weekly meetings during the year for the eighth, ninth and tenth grades, from volunteers from private institutions along with INJAZ organization, to be rewarded in the eleventh grade by founding a miniature student company, with its own departments, directors and employees. This company simulates the reality. These activities broadened the students’ perceptions of what is going on in the real community, and made a quality leap for their personalities. This intersects with the MOEHE vision for assessing students and create a comprehensive view about those who depend on knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. This initiative also contributed in preparing the students for the labor market and provided them with the necessary and substantial scientific skills to build their futures.