For the 8th year in a row, National Beverage Company sponsors the female’s team of First Ramallah Group


Beitunia – Alayyam: The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) signed an agreement with First Ramallah Group (Sareyyet Ramallah) to renew its sponsorship of the woman’s football team of the First Ramallah Group (Sareyyet Ramallah) for the eighth year in a row in line with NBC commitment to support the national sport and enable the female sport in the Palestinian society.    

The agreement was signed in the NBC Headquarters, in the presence of Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC and Azmi Shanara, member of the board of directors of Sareyyet Ramallah.

During the signature ceremony, Mr. Imad al-Hindi expressed NBC management pride for its ongoing support and sponsorship to the female’s football team. He further emphasized NBC interest in embracing the group and individual female sports in Palestine and enabling girls to proceed with the success they managed to achieve all over the recent years. He further added that we should appreciate and support the paradigm shift in the female’s performance in sport and the honourable participation of the Palestinian female athletes in individual sports, for a better and more brilliant future of the national sport.    

Mr. al-Hindi also commended the determined efforts still being exerted by Sareyyet Ramallah and the technical and administrative body of the sport teams affiliated to it. These efforts aim at developing the national sport and improve sport skills of young people. He underscored the high skills of males and females from different ages and groups, who are proving their abilities to participate in real sports competition in all fields, both nationally and internationally.

On his part, Fayek Khouri, chairman of the board of directors of Sareyyet Ramallah, expressed his thanks and appreciation for NBC for its ongoing support to the female’s team. He also added that renewing the sponsorship highlights NBC keen on supporting the Palestinian institutions and the female football. This also marks the extended strategic cooperation between NBC and Sareyyet Ramallah in the different areas, whether in scouting, culture or sport.

Khouri stressed the interest of the board of directors of Sareyyet Ramallah for continuing cooperation and partnership with NBC, especially in supporting the female sport. He also indicated that the woman’s football team established in 2007, was awarded the Palestinian league champion title for several years. It has also participated in many national and regional championships.