National Beverage Company and Pal Sport organize the 4th World Cup Competition

Jerusalem- Pal Sport- For the fourth consecutive time, Pal Sport Network & Agency launched the World Cup Competition under the exclusive sponsorship of the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC). This competition is part of the partnership and sponsorship provided by NBC to Pal Sport since the inception of Pal Sport in 2000. On 14 June 2018, the daily World Cup Competition will be re-launched for the fourth time since 2002 in cooperation and partnership with NBC and it will be organized by Pal Sport on its website and Facebook page. 
On this occasion, a preparatory and consultative meeting was held at NBC headquarters which was attended by Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, Alaa EsawiNBC PR & Technical Department Coordinator. From Pal Sport, the meeting was attended by Eng. Firas Al Qaisi, Technical Manager and Marketing Director.
Regarding NBC commitment to sponsor the competition, Mr. Imad al-Hindi affirmed that “NBC understands the wide popularity of football sport, especially during the World Cup championship, and that NBC is devoted to keep up with the Palestinian football fans’ interest in the global sport, especially football, which is the most popular sport worldwide.  This competition is in line with our objectives and strategies to support sport in Palestine and satisfy the ambition of the fans of sport and international sports in line with its commitment to its assume its responsibility toward the Palestinian society and supporting various sectors, especially the youth and sports”.
Mr. al-Hindi added that the Palestinian sport attained remarkable achievements which consolidated NBC commitment to sponsor the various sport activities in Palestine in order to enable the Palestinian youth and athletes to take off to the regional and international levels and represent Palestine in different sports events.
Regarding the competition awards provided to the winners, Mr. al-Hindi noted “since NBC is committed to support the local society and in view of the wide reaction to the competitions organized by Pal Sport and sponsored by NBC, we decided to double the awards and add valuable awards such as bicycles, TV sets, and more than 50 other awards”.
Eng. Firas Al Qaisi said that Pal Sport is proud of its partnership with NBC which began with the inception of Pal Sport with the efforts of Ahmad Al-Bokhari, media professional and founder of Pal Sport. He affirmed that full transparency will be observed in the competition and that he appreciates NBC for its dedication to fill the hearts of the Palestinian football fans with joy and delight through this competition and to help many people to make their dream come true going to Russia and watch the matches among the spectators in the stadiums. 
According to Wessam Al-Bokhari, Executive Director of Pal Sport, the competition will take off in concurrence with the FIFA World Cup 2018 on Thursday 14 June where the Saudi and Russian teams will play the first match. He noted that the awards will be dedicated to the matches involving the Arab and leading teams and information about the mechanism of the competition will be published as it comes in on Pal Sport website and Facebook page.