National Beverage Company donates hundreds of food parcels to poor families in Gaza, Toulkarm and Kufur Zibad

Ramallah – Al Hayat Economic: The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy has provided hundreds of food parcels for poor and indigent families in Gaza Strip, Toulkarm Governorate and Kufur Zibad Village in the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

A number of food parcels were distributed in Gaza Strip in cooperation with “Give Palestine Charity Association" in Gaza City. Parcels were also distributed in Toulkarm Governorate in cooperation with the governor's office. Moreover, food parcels were also distributed to poor families in Kufur Zibad Village in cooperation with the Village Council.

The Minister, Maamoun Abu Shahla, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Give Palestine Charity Association, said that the management of the Association is keen this year to distribute food parcels to poor and indigent families particularly in Gaza Strip, in view of the difficult economic conditions experienced by our people there. Gaza Strip suffers from high levels of poverty and unemployment, as well as malnutrition cases among children and adults resulting from these conditions.

The Minister. Abu Shahla pointed out that the food parcels, which were distributed with the generous support of the National Beverage Company, reached the poorest families in the northern, central and southern governorates; these governorates are classified by the social affairs portal which allows in depth study of the social situations by the charities, to guarantee that these rations should reach the most indigent families in different regions.

The Minister praised the generous gesture of the National Beverage Company in helping poor families and orphans throughout the country and its contribution to support the Ramadan campaign carried out by the Association for years within the relief program; he also called for the private sector to follow the example of the Company in contributing to the efforts of helping orphans and the poor people and alleviate their suffering in this holy month.

The General Manager of NBC, Imad al-Hindi, expressed his happiness with the successful distribution of food parcels to poor families in Gaza, Toulkarm  and Kufur Zibad, praising the role of Give Palestine Charity Association, Toulkarm  Governorate and the Kufur Zibad Village Council and their tireless efforts to reach the most indigent families to benefit from the food aid.

Mr. al-Hindi added that  NBC’s contribution to Ramadan Relief Campaigns comes in the context of fulfilling a small part of its social duty towards our people and our society in different places, especially our people in Gaza Strip who are facing special circumstances. He stressed that poor and indigent families in Gaza Strip, families of orphans and social situations need more support, care and attention in order to meet some of their needs and alleviate their suffering, especially during the holy month.

On his part, Governor of Toulkarm, Essam Abu Bakr praised the role of the National Beverage Company through its contribution and cooperation with the governorate to help poor and indigent families in the governorate. He pointed out that these activities contribute to enhancing the role of community responsibility of the private sector companies, especially the National Beverage Company; these activities also contribute to improving circumstances of indigent families and helping them to face the difficult economic conditions, especially in the holy month of Ramadan.

Abu Bakr stressed that the governorate is looking forward to continuing cooperation with various bodies to follow the "Poor Families Help Program" initiated by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas "Abu Mazen", the "Toulkarm  Benevolence Campaign" and the Charitable Solidarity Fund, as well as public and private sector organizations, the Toulkarm  Central Zakat Committee, and a number of other donors.