As part of the GO LED Truck Tour, National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy continues to show the Matches of “Russia World Cup 2018” on Giant Screens

Ramallah – The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy continues sharing the moments of enthusiasm and competition experience by the Palestinian public during the World Cup 2018 in Russia.  The Company shows the championship matches of Russia Mondial on giant Hi-Fi screens as part of the tour of Coca-Cola's GO LED truck in a number of Palestinian cities and villages.
 The Company's truck will continue to show the matches of the World Cup which it has started since the launch of World Cup’s first match on 14th June through to the final match to be organized on 15th July.  The matches are shown in an open atmosphere of interaction, joy and cheering in public places and yards as well as the playgrounds of sports club. Furthermore, while watching the matches, entertaining events are organized; awards and gifts are distributed to the audience.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of the National Beverage Company (NBC) confirmed that the GO LED event is meant to share the Palestinian sports fans their passion and enjoyment in watching the World Cup matches, and their eager to follow up the globally largest football championship in an atmosphere of intimacy, joy and enthusiasm.  Mr. al-Hindi expressed his happiness to see the success of the tour in the various Palestinian cities and villages for the third time, as NBC endeavored to make the tour during the broadcasting of the matches of World Cup 2014 in Brazil and UEFA Euro 2016.
Mr. al-Hindi also expressed his happiness for the atmosphere of outstanding happiness and joy experienced by the audience. Such good feelings are voiced by the youth and children during the shows and the interactive and competitive events.  Mr. al-Hindi praised the cooperative role played by the municipal and village councils, and the managements of the sports club in facilitating the task of the Company crews through showing matches and preparing places for the audience.
Mr. al-Hindi also expressed his hope to reach more Palestinian villages, cities and camps in the coming championships, so that the tour can cover a larger area, particularly remote regions, particularly the football is known to be the most popular sport in Palestine and football matches are the highest viewed. Mr. al-Hindi considers that sharing the joy of showing the matches with the audience and various segments of the community is a social contribution on part of Company and its constant pursuit to live all occasions with the Palestinian people.