In line with its endeavors to support the Sports Sector in Gaza Strip National Beverage Company sponsors Gaza Sporting Club Football Team

Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) presented sponsorship to Gaza Sporting Club Football Team which includes providing the amateur football team with sporting apparel and shoes in addition to bags and supplies, in line with NBC’s efforts to support and develop the sports sector in Gaza Strip.

Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, affirmed that NBC is looking forward to provide further support to the Palestinian sports sector in general and to the sporting clubs in Gaza Strip in particular, in line with its faith in the skills and high sport potentials of the youth in Gaza, whether in the individual or collective sports, despite the tough living conditions in Gaza. He emphasized the importance of embracing the youth and junior talents of both genders in Gaza and enabling them to refine their skills in order to attain the highest level possible.
Mr. al-Hindi said he is proud to cooperate with the long-standing Gaza Sporting Club which has an extensive track record of community and sport participation in Palestine. He commended the Club’s attention to establish women sporting teams and the football school which embraces the talented children of both genders.
Mr. al-Hindi added: “Hopefully, NBC’s will contribute in providing a convenient sport climate for the football team training and to address the deficit in the Club”. He noted that such sponsorship is in line with NBC’s commitment to its social responsibility and role towards the Palestinian people anywhere.
Mr. Sharif Dhaher, Director of Gaza Sporting Club, extended thanks and gratitude to NBC’s Management for sponsoring the football team. He added that such sponsorship will address a significant part of the required equipment while the Club’s Management looks forward for further support and cooperation with NBC. He called upon the private sector institutions and companies in Palestine to take after NBC supporting the sporting clubs in Gaza which need sponsorship and financial support amidst the challenging living conditions in Gaza.
Mr. Dhaher pointed out that Gaza Sporting Club, which was founded back in 1934 by Hajj Rashad al-Shawwa, is one of the long-standing sporting clubs in Gaza with an extensive track record of participation in all the local championships. Gaza Sporting Club includes male and female football and basketball teams, a football school for the male and female juniors, scout groups, and taekwondo and karate teams. He added that the Club provides different community and women activities; such as photography, music, embroidery, and Dabke classes, among others.