National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy renews sponsorship of the Football School at Al-Bireh Youth Foundation

Photo Caption: Al-Hindi and Ata shake hands upon signing the agreement in the presence of El-Nisr and Al-Saleh
Ramallah and Al-Bireh - The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/ Cappy (NBC) renewed its sponsorship of the Football School affiliated to Al-Bireh Youth Foundation, which targets three male groups covering the age groups 8-14 years and a female group of the age group 10-12 years. Under the agreement, the Football School will be provided with sports supplies, tools, and sportswear.
The agreement was signed at NBC headquarters in Beitunia by Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC and Omar Ata, Head of Administration Department of Al-Bireh Youth Foundation, in the presence of Jamal El-Nisr, Treasurer, and Alaa Al-Saleh, Secretary of Al-Bireh Youth Foundation, as well as Alaa Esawi, from NBC.
Mr. al-Hindi said that NBC Management seeks to sponsor football schools which target training the young groups to achieve NBC' strategic plan in supporting the children and youth of both genders by implementing sustainable projects that contribute to developing their skills and talents, especially in the sports field, out of NBC's faith of the important of empowering the sports life, train the junior groups on the skills of football which is widely popular in Palestine and it is not restricted to the males only, and provide the proper environment and requirements to refine the talents of the players from a young age based on well-considered scientific foundations that conform to the international standards so that they can participate in regional and international competitions in the future.
Mr. al-Hindi commended the leading role played by Al-Bireh Youth Foundation club since its inception which embraced the various age groups in different sporting, community, and scouting activities. He added: "we are proud of our local clubs which have an effective impact on the Palestinian sporting life and contribute to raising generations of the talented players who are capable of competing at the local, Arab, and international levels.
Mr. al-Hindi emphasized the attention paid by NBC to sponsor, support, and embrace the football schools and sports clubs hoping to perform a real role in the journey of empowering the Palestinian youth and filling their life with the useful sporting activities and practices as well as refining their skills and taking them to the international levels, out of NBC Management's confidence in the ability of the youth and children to excel, especially in the sporting areas, and helping them to achieve their ambitions to be professional players.
On his part, Mr. Omar Ata valued the generous sponsorship of the Football School by NBC and he thanked NBC Management for meeting the needs of the talented junior football players. He asserted that this school constitutes the first step toward building a model football school that conforms to the international standards which will be open for all the Palestinian talents without exceptions and will include the increase of age groups.

Mr. Ata explained that by establishing this Football School, the Club Management seeks to refine the talents of the players, provide an ideal training atmosphere for the young players in terms of the training place, and find an infrastructure of the sports talents to use them in the national teams. He also indicated that Al-Bireh Youth Foundation junior team won Palestine Championship for 2014 and 2015 under NBC sponsorship.