In cooperation between INJAZ Palestine and National Beverage Company, Palestine Polytechnic University and Modern University College rank the 2nd and 3rd place respectively in “Ripples of Happiness" Program

[Photo Caption: Participants in the program]
Ramallah – Alayyam: Coca-Cola Foundation  and INJAZ Al-Arab, organizers of “Ripples of Happiness" (Waves of Joy) Program, announced the winner teams of the 9th “Ripples of Happiness" as the students of two Palestinian universities ranked second and third respectively.
The project performed by the students participating from Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) “Stay Young” in Palestine ranked in the 2nd place. They were awarded a financial grant in the amount of Seven Thousand Dollars to fund the expansion and development of their initiative, which is based on practicing sports and providing sport equipment in public parks for all age groups. The students prepared their project under the mentorship of Mahmoud Sonnoqrot, from Premium Business Solutions Co.
The Modern University College’s students ranked in the third place with their project “Amwaj El-Kheir Lelgheer” under the mentorship of Maram Obaidy. The project aims at mainstreaming persons with special needs in the community, developing their skills, and providing them with information. The students also received a financial grant in the amount of Five Thousand Dollars to fund and develop their projects.
The 9th wave of the program was co-organized by INJAZ Palestine and the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC), and funded by Coca-Cola Foundation in five Palestinian universities and colleges; namely Palestine Polytechnic University, Khadoorie, An-Najah National University, Modern University College, and the University College of Applied Sciences, in conjunction with the launch of Ripples of Happiness in a number of universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The winners of this season were selected by a jury committee consisting of representatives of Coca-Cola company, INJAZ Al-Arab, and Olayan Group of companies.
                                                  [Photo Caption: Participants in the program]
Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, said: “Ripples of Happiness” program has become an annual forum that witnesses the glamour and success of our fellow Palestinian students who managed this year and in the past years to present excellent projects and took over advanced positions on the Arab universities level”. He added: “NBC Management keeps the youth sector as part of its top priorities for the strong will, brilliant intellect, challenge of the toughest conditions, and ambition to assist, empower, and develop their communities which were demonstrated by their achievements”.
Mr. al-Hindi congratulated the winning students for such magnificent achievement and he wished them further success and leadership. “Our pride of the creative Palestinian students increases every year. Such honourable achievements boost our confidence that they are capable of assuming the responsibility in the near future which drives us to continue working with them and providing support to keep reaching high ranks and serving as role models that inspire generations to come”, said Mr. al-Hindi.
He commended the role of INJAZ Palestine and specifically thanked the efforts of its management and employees.  INJAZ Palestine sponsors the creative students on an annual basis to turn their projects into reality. He also commended the trainers who voluntarily contribute to help the students through training and mentoring.
On her part, Randa R. Salama, General Manager of INJAZ Palestine, expressed her happiness for the Palestinian students ranking the second and third at the level of Arab countries participating in the program. She praised the role of NBC for its continuous support to INJAZ in general and Ripples of Happiness Program in particular throughout the past years.
“Our students can outperform if they got the appropriate opportunity and if they are well directed, which we aim to achieve through this program. We also do not forget the role of volunteering trainers who participated with their time and effort to make the program work and to enable the students to provide pioneering initiatives to serve the society”, Said Salama.
Ripples of Happiness Program was launched in 2012 with the objective of promoting social entrepreneurship and to overcome the unemployment problem in the Middle East, as well as to train the university students on planning, organizing, and funding social responsibility projects in their communities to make a positive change, learn social communication arts, work with a team, gain IT, marketing, and public relations skills, and familiarize them with inspiring examples of uplifting the capacity to perform projects that will have a positive impact on their domestic communities.