National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy Donates for the Furnishing of a Special Education Unit at Hayat Rehabilitation Association in Deir 'Ammar Camp

The National Beverage Company (NBC) Coca-Cola/Cappy granted a donation to Hayat Children Rehabilitation and Care Association at Deir 'Ammar camp in Ramallah. The donation included the outfitting and furnishing of the Special Education Unit for children with learning disorders and disabilities at the Camp and the surrounding areas.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC stated that the Company's management is proud of the continued cooperation with charitable associations and centers offering the best humanitarian, educational and training services for people with various disabilities.  He commended the role of Hayat Children Rehabilitation and Care Association by serving more than 150 disabled children in Deir 'Ammar camp and surrounding areas, in addition to providing recreational, educational and psychological services for children in the region, and stressing the importance of supporting all marginalized groups in different regions, particularly those with special needs.
Mr. al-Hindi also stressed that the Company's management, through commitment to its community responsibility, endeavors to care for and support all developing sectors in the Palestinian society, mainly the sectors of youth, sport and education, emphasizing the importance of providing appropriate education and training environment for children with disabilities who have difficulties in learning and memorization, and who need special classrooms to help their receiving of  information and interaction with special teaching and training aids, allowing them a greater opportunity to integrate and develop their own skills.
On her part, Ms. Rabab Darwish- the Association Chairperson, praised the role of NBC which will contribute to facilitating the process of special education for the beneficiary students of the special education program which includes training the self and linguistic skills, and broadening their understanding to communicate with others and get them out of isolation, loneliness and introversion, noting that the Association serves the children with audio, visual and motor disabilities as well as speech problems in three villages: Deir 'Ammar, Beitillu and Jammala.

Ms. Darwish emphasized that the support of and cooperation with NBC were not the first of their kind, as the company has provided sponsorship for summer camps which included providing mineral water and juices in addition to distribution of school bags to students with special needs, calling the company and all private companies to continue to provide support and care for students with disabilities in order to motivate them and facilitate their inclusion in their communities and dev