For the 7th year in a row National Beverage Company renews sponsorship of Sarreyat Ramallah First Group Female Football Team

Ramallah - The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) continue to sponsor Sarreyat Ramallah First Group Female Football Team for the 7th year in a row in line with the fruitful partnership between NBC and Sarreyat Ramallah First Group. The agreement was signed at NBC headquarters in Beitunia by Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, and Fayek Khouri, Sarreyat Ramallah First Group Chairman of the Board of Directors, in the presence of Khaled Olayan, CEO and Raed Milad, Facilities Manager at Sarreyat Ramallah First Group and Alaa Esawi from NBC.
In this context, Mr. Imad al-Hindi said he is proud and devoted to renew the partnership with Sarreyat Ramallah First Group, especially through supporting the Sarreyat Ramallah First Group Female Football Team, which reflects NBC cognizance of the importance of private-public partnership to achieve the targeted impact at the level of improving the female sports. He valued the attention of the Sarreyat Ramallah First Group Administrative Board and embracing of the female players. He also praised the role of the Administrative and Technical and Administrative Staff of Sarreyat Ramallah First Group Female Football Team, providing the team with moral and physical support to develop their skills and qualify for competition at a wider scale.
Mr. al-Hindi also commended the outstanding performance of Sarreyat Ramallah First Group Female Football Team at the national level. He emphasized NBC commitment to support the team which became established at the level of female sports in Palestine. He emphasized the importance of supporting the female athletes in the country and delivering what it takes to attain achievements regionally and internationally.
Mr. al-Hindi continued that NBC commitment to support female football teams stems from its belief of the importance of developing the skills of the Palestinian female players in this sport which was previously restricted to the men. NBC seeks to provide both genders of various age groups with a fair opportunity to play diverse sports as long as Palestine embraces such male and female athletes. He added: “We are honoured to be the first Palestinian company to pay attention to support and boost female football, especially as we realize that the players have outstanding football skills and it is our duty to give them the opportunity to discover and advance their skills in this sport and to compete on the international level. We call upon all the institutions to take part in supporting the Palestinian female teams in different sports.”
On his part, Fayek Khouri valued NBC commitment, represented in Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager, to support Sarreyat Ramallah First Group Female Football Team and provide the team with sport supplies and equipment. He also valued NBC attention to renew the partnership with Sarreyat Ramallah First Group which started back in 2010, saying he is proud of such partnership and working together to enhance the female sport in general as well as maintain the team in an excellent shape, especially that such team attained many honourable achievements nationwide and participated in many regional and international competitions leaving remarkable impressions on the international clubs and teams which affirms the importance of pursuing our journey supporting the players and always looking for new talents to boost the team.


Khouri noted that Sarreyat Ramallah First Group Female Football Team is at the forefront of the Palestine Female Football League and it obtained advanced positions in many local championships such as Palestine Championship and Palestine Cup. Recently, the team came in the second place in Palestine League. He indicated that the team continues training all year and participates in the regional and international championships such as Jordan, France, and Norway and it was received with admiration and encouragement by many of the friend clubs and those interested aboard which affirms the excellent performance of the team. He hoped that the team continues its achievements and reaches the highest places worldwide, which is the goal.