In line with its strategy aiming at sponsoring women's sports, National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy sponsors the Female’s Swordplay team at Al Bireh Cultural Club

Ramallah- Alayyam: The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) signed an agreement to sponsor the Female’s Swordplay Team at Al-Bireh Cultural Club. The agreement was signed at NBC headquarters in Beituniya by Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, and Mr. Dawood Al-Metwali, President of Al-Bireh Cultural Club, in the presence of Alaa Al-Esawi of NBC, Ayman Sobaih of the Club, two female players from the Female’s Swordplay Team, and Ahmed Metwaly, Coach of the team.
Pursuant to the agreement, NBC will provide the team with the tools, sportswear, fencing swords and protective kit according to the recognized standards in the fencing sport so that the team can continue training, refining players' skills, and preparing to take part in the upcoming fencing championships at the regional and global levels.
The Female’s Swordplay Team, which includes 24 players in the age group 9-16 years, participated in many Arab and regional competitions in the past years where it made honorable achievements and attained advanced positions. Such achievements imply promising players desiring to participate in the fencing sport worldwide. In addition to the women's team, Al-Bireh Cultural Club has a male's swordplay team which includes 31 players.
The Swordplay Sport was started in Palestine with the founding of the Palestinian Swordplay Association in 1998. However, the economic conditions obstructed the outreach of this sport. Today, the West Bank has 5 local Swordplay clubs that include talented male and female players making Palestine stand out from some of the Arab states which failed to attract such number of male and female players in the swordplay sport.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi asserted that NBC is keen on improving the women's sports teams and promoting the culture of competitive sport, especially among the females. He added that: "Palestine has always been a fertile land for the women's sports talents who proved their excellent in various sports. We have seen the birth of female champions and women's sports teams who contributed in boosting the Palestinian women's sports in the past years. Therefore, we are honored to be a part of the efforts made to improve and promote the women's sport and provide it with its needs of sponsorship and logistic supplies, as well as support the participation of the women's teams in the regional and international championships".
Mr. al-Hindi emphasized the importance of intensifying efforts to improve the women's sports and to qualify a promising generation that can compete internationally. He valued the role of Al-Bireh Cultural Club which sponsored the talents of the players who enjoy high competitive skills, especially in the swordplay sport which grew by having the required sponsorship from the club management and competent trainers and through the players' persistence on training and their dedication to develop their abilities and skills.
On his part, Mr. Dawood Al-Metwali affirmed that the club pays a special attention to the swordplay, being a unique sport that has wide fans in Palestine. Further, swordplay develops the spirit of honest competition in our children. Al-Metwali stated that the Female’s Swordplay Team at Al-Bireh Cultural Club made honorable achievements in Arab and regional championships. The latest achievement was made by player Dina Al-Fares (16 years old) who won two silver and bronze medals in the Arab championship that was held in Qatar last year.
Regarding NBC sponsorship, Al-Metwaly said: this sponsorship serves as a strong moral and financial drive of the women's team, providing the team with the clothes, swords, masks, and protective kit. We hope this sponsorship contributes in furnishing a special swordplay playground in order to provide the appropriate and equal climate for the fencing sports at the level of the international championships. Therefore, we thank NBC for its efforts and contribution to support the Women’s Fencing Team in the club. We hope this cooperation and support to the women's team will continue and have a good impact on the journey of the team and the continuity of the swordplay sport in Palestine.
The Swordplay Sport in Palestine faces many difficulties, most importantly the financial cost and shortage of qualified trainers. The cost of preparing one swordplay player may amount to thousands of dollars.