National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy donates to Future Youth Organization Tomorrow Autism Centre in Jenin

Economicsthe National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) donated a number of necessary supplies to Al-Ghad Autism Centre in Jenin, including new beds, covers, and furnishings the bedroom of autistic children at the centre.

The new rooms were opened in the Centre in a special ceremony attended by Mr. Alaa Eisawi, representative of NBC Management and Mr. Zayd Zayd, Head of Administrative Panel in the centre. The ceremony was also attended by Major Monzer Qabha, Public Relations Director at the General Intelligence Service, Major Sultan Zayoud, Public Relations and Information Director at the Preventive Security, Captain Amer Abu Hazim, Director of Institutions Security who was accompanied with Mr. Kamal Abu El-Wafa and Mr. Bassam Abu Bakr, Acting Director of Social Affairs at Jenin governorate, and Mrs. Ebtisam Jalamena, Director of Tataw (Volunteer) organization in Jenin.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, confirmed that NBC provided the necessary supplies for the children's bedroom at Future Youth Organization Tomorrow Autism Centre out of its commitment to its humane and national duty toward this group of children, and to continue the support provided by NBC to the various social groups, especially the children and youth with special needs and the less-privileged.
Furthermore, al-Hindi praised the important role played by Future Youth Organization Tomorrow Autism Centre in serving the autistic children in Palestine and providing special services to help those children, including accommodation, especially that a number of families of these children cannot afford transport from and to their governorates to send their children to the Centre. He asserted that NBC was committed to continue supporting such group cooperating with the official and nongovernmental bodies and institutions to embrace the autistic children and help their families.
In his speech in the opening ceremony, Alaa Esawi said: "We all have a social responsibility as a private sector toward the autistic children whereas such groups expect help with all forms of support and meeting special requirements and needs which we should provide in such limited centers in our country. We must intensify our efforts to support such group and the centers dedicated for autistic children so that they can perform their duties toward these children."
On his part, Zayd Zayd commended NBC for its continuous support to the centre and for helping the autistic children in order to continue providing them with appropriate services. At the same time, Jumana Daraghma, Director of Future Youth Organization Tomorrow Autism Centrevalued NBC's donation, affirming that such donation, which has a high moral and humane value, will contribute to making a radical change in the centre as it will contribute developing two separate housing facilities; one for children between the age 3-11, and the other is for children from the age of 11 and above. Daraghma said that the Administrative Panel and the rehabilitation and educational staff in the centre thank NBC Management, hoping to continue such partnership as it serves the best interest of autistic children in Palestine."
Daraghma pointed out that Al-Ghad Centre is the first rehabilitation and accommodation centre in Palestine accommodating 22 children from all the southern, northern, and middle Palestinian governorates. It also provides the children with integrated rehabilitation care and the sleeping over service. She added that the association is charitable and nonprofit organization; therefore, it needs a lot operational expenses due to the pressing needs of the autistic children including special supplies and specialized educational means. The centre includes many specialties; namely functional therapy, special education, social service, speech therapy, and psychological therapy. Further, the sensory room, which is a key component in the centre, needs to be equipped.
On his part, Bassam Abu Bakr commended the role performed by the autism centre toward the children and the provision of the services they need, especially sleeping over in the centre facilities. He confirmed that the Ministry of Social Affairs will continue supporting the centre to embrace such children.
At the end of the ceremony, NBC presented in-kind gifts to the children staying in the Centre. Also, the General Intelligence Service and Preventive Security presented in-kind donations to Al-Ghad Autism Centre. At the same time, the Management Board of the Centre presented a trophy to honor NBC Management.  The Centre also honored its administrative staff.