National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy launches the sixth season of COPA Coca-Cola Tournament

RAMALLAH - The National Beverage Company Coca Cola/Cappy (NBC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, announced the start of the Sixth Coca-Cola Football (COPA Coca-Cola) Tournament season for schools supported by NBC as the official sponsor. The Tournament takes place in 16 districts divided into 8 districts in the North West Bank, 4 districts in Central West Bank and 4 districts in the Southern Region. 1320 students coming from 132 schools for boys from the higher basic school level and 240 girl students coming from 24 schools for girls from the high school level will participate in this season.  A team will be formed from each participating school and each team will comprise 10 players. The quintet system in football will be followed through the stages of the Tournament.
The NBC will provide all the requirements of the participants including sportswear, drinks and water. The stages of COPA Coca-Cola tournament includes three stages; the first stage will begin by organizing matches between schools at the level of each district, so one team is qualified for each district. The second stage includes the organization of matches for the district teams that has been qualified from the first stage for boys and girls, the second stage will be divided into 4 groups for boys and two for girls; and each group will include 4 districts for boys and 8 districts for girls.  The final stage will be a competition between the teams qualified from the second stage so that they are divided into 4 districts for boys and 4 districts for girls. 
On the occasion of organizing the COPA Coca-Cola Tournament for the sixth year in a row, Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC confirmed that “he is impressed by the number of participating girl students which reflects the importance conferred by Palestinian girls to contesting in this sport just like football female players around the world.”  He added to stress, “We, at NBC, have endeavored to encourage Palestinian women to engage in all sports activities, and we have always strived to support all activities and events as required to nurture the talents of junior women in order to help them enhance their position in such sports activities at the level of the Palestinian society.” 
Mr. al-Hindi praised the effective partnership that has continued for years with the Ministry of Education to develop the capabilities of young students.  He reiterated the commitment of NBC to work with the Ministry towards the consolidation of the adopted approach that is based on motivating students towards the exploration and development of their potentials in sports that will benefit their health, both physically and mentally. He also stressed the need to promote cooperation between government institutions and the private sector in order to support the juniors and develop their talents, especially in sports. 
Mr. al-Hindi confirmed that his Company has always strived to support young sport talents, and added “NBC places the national sports sector among its priorities and responsibilities towards the Palestinian youth as the Company seeks to empower and enhance their positive potential to contribute to the development of the talents of youth who are highly fit and healthy.”