The CEO of Coca-Cola International visits National Beverage Company.

Kent:  We placed our investment in safe hands and take the pride for cooperation with Palestinian Businessmen.


Ramallah – Al Hayat Economic – The CEO of Coca-Cola International, Mr. Mukhtar Kent, visited the headquarters of the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy in Bitunia recently where he was received by the Chairman of its Board, Zahi Khouri, Vice Chairman of the Board, Dina al-Masri, and General Manager Imad al-Hindi and managers and employees of the Company

Mr. Kent expressed his admiration of the quality and high-class level of the products provided by the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy.  He toured the facilities of the NBC’s new headquarter in Bitunia.

He voiced his pride of the distinction and continuation of the Palestinian economy’s development as a whole, “Palestinian Businessmen have proven to us their ability to continue investing in exceptional circumstances and major challenges. This determination is rarely found in other markets in the region. The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola /Cappy has also proven its success and distinction despite the political instability and economic challenges it confronted”, he commented.

Mr. Kent confirmed that Coca-Cola International is proud of its cooperation with Palestinian businessmen and leading Palestinian professionals who pursue excellence and are capable of seizing the opportunities to achieve their visions and future plans to support their national economy. “Coca-Cola International is quite sure that it has placed its investments in good hands; this is what we figured out through the NBC determination to comply with the international standards of quality, environment sustainment and provision world-class products.” He added. 

Mr. Zahi Khouri thanked Mr. Kent for his visit to his second home, Palestine, “we cannot sufficiently express our happiness of the visit of Mr. Mukhtar Kent who made a habit to visit Palestine and admire the achievements of our Company.  We are honored to welcome him in our new headquarter in Bitunia.” He added, “We, at NBC, managed to continue our excellence year after year, and reap the fruits of our continuous endeavors over the years, in partnership with Coca-Cola International.  What makes us more proud is that we provide the products of Coca-Cola International to the Palestinian markets at the hands of Palestinian manpower and with Palestinian capital.  On this occasion, we extend our thanks to the company that gave us full confidence, and motivated us to always provide the best. We confirm that NBC will continue its commitment to develop its capacities, capabilities and investment in human resources, in addition to benefiting from the experience of Coca-Cola International to offer the best world-class products that satisfy the taste of the Palestinian consumer, who looks for the best and high-class products”, Mr. Khouri said.

Mr. Imad al-Hindi also confirmed that the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy is a leading company in the sector of beverage in Palestine. He said, “We are proud to offer thousands of employment opportunities embrace Palestinian capacities and enable their potentials.  Through their efforts and the efforts of all employees of NBC, the continuous support of Coca-Cola International and the trust of the Palestinian consumer, we have managed to keep our advanced rating among the best companies in the Middle East and Africa by maintaining the world-class quality, environmental protection and adoption of power saving techniques, in addition to excelling in sales and marketing.  Moreover, we are committed, from the beginning, to support society development projects based on our belief in the importance of our role to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in Palestine in all economic, social and environmental aspects.”