Al-Quds Open University in Hebron ranks second National Beverage Company and INJAZ finalize the 5th Phase of the Ripples of Happiness Program

The students who participated in the 5th phase of Amwaj Al-Farah


Ramallah – Alayyam: The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy and INJAZ Palestine Foundation have completed the 5th phase of Ripple of Happiness program, implemented throughout the Arab World as an initiative of INJAZ Al-Arab and supported by Coca-Cola foundation. The program aims to empower young people and train them to make positive changes in their communities.
Hebron University attained the 2nd place among the Arab universities participating in this phase. The project of Hebron University entitled “Take a breather – Khod Nafas” is based on the students’ landscaping one of the Governorate’s streets.  It is the only street connecting the Governorate with the neighboring regions, and then equipping it in a way as to ensure the comfort of citizens. At the Palestinian level, Al-Quds Open University in Hebron and the University branches in Tulkarem, Jenin, and Nablus, as well as Birzeit University and Palestine Technical University, Khadoori have participated in the program.
Mr. Imad Al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC confirmed that Ripples of Happiness program is a part of the well-established strategy of NBC aiming at instilling the spirit of effective participation in the students in order to enhance their ability to innovate real solutions for the advancement of their society. He explained, “we were interested, in collaboration with INJAZ Palestine, in continuing to support this program with a view to enhance the abilities of university students to identify and deal with the problems of their local communities, in order to implement projects of their innovation and thinking that will have a positive effect upon society, and create a lasting effect upon the next generations.”
Mr. Al-Hindi congratulated Al-Quds Open University of Hebron, for this achievement, indicating that every year Palestine achieves high ranking in the Arab World, which proves, in his opinion, the efficiency and ability of the Palestinian youth to serve their communities and make them better. He added, “In NBC, we trust in the well-established positive energy of our Palestinian youth, and so we always care, through our programs oriented to the youth, about unleashing their innovation that is able to deal with the gaps in society and to interact effectively to solve them by creating pioneering projects that improve living standards in those societies.”
Al-Hindi stressed the intention of the Company to keep its partnership with INJAZ Palestine Foundation to sponsor student initiatives aiming at building and transferring knowledge and awareness that serves society. He assured that “National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy cooperates with INJAZ Palestine to provide the youth with what they need to improve their society, and instill them with entrepreneurial principles and prepare them through the guidance of the best trainers in order to enhance their ability to discover available opportunities and develop their thinking in a manner that positively affects their local community.”
For her part, Randa Salameh, the General Manager of INJAZ Palestine, expressed her pride in Al-Quds Open University, Hebron, achieving the rank of 2nd among the Arab universities participating in the 5th phase of the program. She praised the role of National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy and its continuing fruitful partnership to support Ripples of Happiness program. She explained: “We are honored to cooperate with National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy since the beginning. This partnership has helped the students to understand their role in their societies, which was evident by a Palestinian university like Al-Quds Open University achieving the 2nd rank among the Arab universities participating in this phase. This is a distinctive achievement reflecting the positive effect of this program on students since the projects of the other Arab universities are distinctive and competitive. This ensures the innovative spirit and perseverance of the Palestinian youth and the extent of their belonging to their societies and their interest to serve them.”
Salameh confirmed that Ripples of Happiness program is based on improving the necessary skills of the youth to identify the available opportunities and launch the initiatives and entrepreneurial projects to meet the demands of society. She pointed out the role of the trainers and professionals in the field of entrepreneurship who provided the students with the guidance necessary for them to be able to plan and manage projects. This encouraged the students of the six participating universities to follow their guidance and take advantage of their experiences, which enabled them to create constructive projects that met the societal demands.