Eurasia and Africa Group Sustainability Awards National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy wins Awards of Sustainability and Community Empowerment

The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) has won the Sustainable Award for 2013, after winning it once before in 2012. During the award ceremony which was held in Istanbul, Turkey, NBC also got the award for Community Empowerment after competing with 96 Coca-Cola bottling companies. The competition targeted Eurasia and Africa Group.

 The award is focused on two aspects: the first is a reflection strategy pursued by NBC with its employees, in the realm of business management, production while maintaining higher quality; in addition to the environmental performance of the company. The second aspect focused on the level of social responsibility practices adopted by the company. The National Beverage Company achievements were presented in front of an intentional Jury composed of experts in the field of sustainable development and university professors from Harvard and the American University of Beirut. The judgment was based on the projects and initiatives implemented by the company for the local Palestinian community in the areas of education, health, youth, sports, the environment, plus the extent of the beneficial impact towards the different community groups.

 The Community Empowerment award helps shed light on the company’s contributions to the sustainability and development of the community through various projects in the fields of sports, education, health, and other activities aimed at empowering youth and women. The company also provided a list of several projects conducted in recycling of solid waste, supporting social events, water conservation, emergency relief, and a host of other charitable activities.

 A group of companies affiliated to the Coca-Cola Company participated in this contest, which is the strongest in the field of packaging and beverage industry on a global level. This brings up the importance of the National Beverage Company to Palestinian society, despite the big challenges that accompany the Company’s doing business in Palestine, where Israel controls all equipment and raw material needed for the cycle of industry and all access points into Palestine, including control over export and imports by land, sea, and air.

  Mr. Zahi Khouri, the Chairman of the National Beverage Company, expressed his pride in this accomplishment, saying, “This success is only the culmination of the achievements made by the company towards the betterment of Palestinian society and our national economy while striving to ensure the protection of our environment, in spite of the difficult challenges that surround the Palestinian economy and society.”

 In turn, Mr. Imad Hindi, the General Manager of the National Beverage Company, credited the company’s employees for this great achievement, and attributed this success to their hard work, competence and commitment. He also added, “It was our vision since inception to commit to our responsibility towards our society, in order to contribute to sustainable community development, therefore; NBC has adopted a clear and systemic programs for its corporate social responsibility, which included our support of different and prioritized sectors, and most importantly; sport and youth, women empowerment, health, education and environment, with a focus on achieving a positive change within these sectors.

“We took upon ourselves to be a company friendly to the environment, positively active in our society, and excel on a global level as a Palestinian leading beverage Company” Hi