Funded by Coca-Cola Foundation, INJAZ Palestine implements the Sixth Session of "Ripples of Happiness" Program

                                                                                                                                                                 Jenin- Ali Smoudi


Funded by Coca-Cola foundation and in cooperation with the National Beverage Company Coca Cola/ Cappy (NBC), INJAZ Palestine has started the implementation of the sixth session of Ripples of Happiness program, which aims to train university students to carry out community-based pilot projects that will contribute to the positive impact on their local communities.
In a statement to the press, INJAZ Palestine stated that the program being implemented in Palestine, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan and the United Arab of Emirates at the same time comes within the framework of the well-established strategy of INJAZ and Coca-Cola Foundation, which aims to empower the youth and promote their concept of social responsibility.
Ripples of happiness program are implemented in collaboration with a group of the most prominent universities in the region thanks to the joint efforts of Coca-Cola Foundation and INJAZ.
The main goals of Ripples of Happiness program, launched by Coca-Cola Foundation and INJAZ Al-Arab Organization, focus on social responsibility, entrepreneurship skills, financial literacy and readiness to work. The program provides an opportunity for the students to explore their individual & professional interests, the available career opportunities and introduce them to the main principles of work readiness.
The program includes several stages.  During their visits to classrooms, volunteers from the private sector provide the participating students with knowledge. Through a variety of experimental activities, the program works to help students gain a better understanding regarding the application of what they have been learning in school through successful interaction and participation in their communities.
The statement elaborated that Ripples of Happiness program, thanks to its practical activities, works on enhancing the students' sense of responsibility towards their communities, while preparing them for employment and active participation in the society and the global market.
Randa R. Salama, the General Manager of INJAZ Palestine, commended the support of the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/ Cappy to this program as well as all private sector companies that elite professionals for the implementation of such programs.
She stressed the importance of availing the opportunity to students in order to be familiar with a wide range of required basic skills and concepts that will help them join the labor market
On his part, the General Manager of NBC, Imad al-Hindi, confirmed that NBC was keen to develop purposeful programs and initiatives aiming to enhance the capacities of the youth and development in all fields, implemented in cooperation with various organizations in the public, private and civil sectors, as part of its well-established strategy that is based on promoting participation in sustainable community development.
He added: "The Company believes in the capabilities and potentials of the Palestinian youth to excel, be creative and innovative projects that will bring about a positive change in their communities." He continued: "The Company has committed to support Ripples of Happiness program to refine the skills of our students and provide them with the concepts and skills that enable them to engage in the work environment and contribute to finding solutions to the problems faced by the society in order to build on the foundations of sustainability and continuity."
Participation in the program provides the students with the ability to identify opportunities to make a positive change in their communities, to respond to the opportunities by offering innovative solutions, to plan, organize and fund projects that are committed to social responsibility, social networking, teamwork, problem solving, systemization, financial literacy and creativity, in addition to the acquisition of  skills in the fields of Information Technology, marketing, charity and public relations.
According to the foundation's data, the program has been implemented in six Palestinian universities within this stage: The Arab American University, Al- Quds Open University, Hebron University, Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie, An-Najah National University, and Palestine Technical Colleges- Ramallah/ Girls in addition to other 30 Arab universities. 149 students were also trained during the previous stage.
It is worth mentioning that "INJAZ Palestinian" is a Palestinian organization sponsored and run by a group of institutions and companies of the Palestinian private sector aims to promoting economic opportunities for youth by providing a series of practical, educational and economic courses. And create a culture to enable them to recognize the basics of business management, and educate them on how to create their own projects. This includes the sales, productivity, marketing and financial aspects, and work to reduce the gap between academic education and the expertise required in the labor market