About Us


Waste Water Management

As part of its commitment to protecting the Palestinian environment, the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy has adopted modern technical systems to rationalize water, reduce the proportion of industrially effluent water, and treat water resulting from the production process within its plants distributed in the Palestinian governorates. Such environmentally friendly measures allow water to rendered it suitable for irrigation and agricultural, and providing farmers in villages near the company’s plants with clean water for irrigation and agriculture. The company also supported projects to build agricultural wells and supply agricultural water pipes in a number of rural areas.

NBC contributed to supporting a project to construct a water tank to provide clean drinking water for one of the rural communities, in addition to contributing to a project to construct a water desalination plant near Maghazi Camp in the Gaza Strip in order to provide clean drinking water for Palestinian refugees in the Camp. The project was implemented in partnership with Coca-Cola Foundation, Coca-Cola Middle East National Beverage Company  and Mercy Corps.

Women's Empowerment

The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy was keen to give women the opportunity to participate in the companys success story, where women work in many positions and career locations in the companys plants located across all Palestinian governorates. The company is also keen to support women in several socio economic fields, including supporting women by empowering them economically, especially in light of the tough economic conditions. This was done by capacity building through training workshops; on marketing skills to enable women to market and develop their small projects from home and help create a sustainable income for them.


NBC sought to participate in training of university female students under the "Ripples of Happiness" initiative implemented by INJAZ Palestine Organization with the support of Coca-Cola Foundation, which aims to train university students in planning and implementing creative projects in order to bring about positive change in their communities. In addition, the company has supported womens football and basketball teams in support of womens sport. The company also paid attention to well-being; supporting womens health by providing medical devices for health centers, especially modern devices that contribute to early detection of breast cancer.

Packaging & Recycling

Since its establishment, the National Beverage Company CocaCola/Cappy has adhered to following best environmental practices, especially in adopting modern methods of packaging to maintain environmental safety standards within its plants and warehouses.  NBC is keen to get rid of empty bottles and cans of soft drinks, juice and mineral water through recycling projects by distributing them to local environmental protection organizations to be recycled and used in creative projects that benefit the local community.


The company also supported 'Protect a Tree by Recycling a Paper' Project, which aimed to recycle more than 2000 tons of paper in cooperation with a local paper recycling factory, where papers were collected from schools, printing houses, universities, banks, governmental and private institutions.