About Us

Our Interests


The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy supports the importance of maintaining a balanced diet to support good health. NBC demonstrates its commitment to health by maintaining high standards of quality for all our products, which include food supplements, mineral salts, vitamins and essential nutrients. We also engage in a number of social activities which promote health.


At NBC we believe that a health body promotes a healthy mind. As a result, creating opportunities for all to participate in sport activities which are a top priority and a key element of our vision.  We believe that because of the positive impact that sports has on our youth, it is of utmost importance that we meet their needs in this regard.


At NBC we believe that our company should get involved – and sometimes take the lead – in realizing the dreams that we all share. This should be grounded in a clear understanding of development and done in a spirit of giving equal access to resources and opportunities to all. Because we are optimistic about the future we are a strong supporter of education, because we believe it is the cornerstone on which future generations will build our society.


The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy complies with international standards for manufacturing and production domains. By operating under strict environmently-friendly systems we are able to meet our fundamental commitment to caring for and protecting the environment. Accordingly, such a role embodies the vision of the company, which promotes positive initiatives in this field.