National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy donates a modern machine to the workshop of Nahda Women Association in Ramallah


Ramallah- Alhayat Economic - The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) has donated a CNC Wood Machine to Nahda Women Association in Ramallah. This machine, which cuts wood using the latest techniques, will be used in the Association's workshop in the production of educational games / toys.
The CNC machine was recently delivered and operated at the Association’s headquarters in Ramallah. The event was made in the presence of Mr. Alaa Esawi, representing Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, Mr. George M. Rantisi, General Manager of the Association, and a number of members of the Management Board of Association. The Management Board of Association presented a trophy shield to NBC in appreciation of its ongoing support to the Association.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi confirmed that "NBC has been keen to support groups with special needs, and provide support for the development of organizations specialized in serving people with special needs, to enable them to qualify and train such groups, develop their skills, help them integrate with the local community, rely on themselves, even partially, interact with the society as active individuals, and correct the old negative perception of such groups. They need to intensify their efforts to support them as they are a part of society."
Mr. al-Hindi praised the role and efforts of Nahda Women Association, which achieved remarkable progress in its services provided to a segment of people with special needs in the society, as this role is important in supporting this group and everyone has to contribute in supporting the Association and other institutions working in this field.  He also explained that the Palestinian private sector is a partner of community institutions in strengthening the capabilities of marginalized groups, hoping that the private sector institutions will extend their support to this group, and help civic and community institutions in providing their services to people with special needs.
On his part, Mr. George M. Rantisi expressed his pride in the continuous cooperation with the NBC, considering the Company as one of the main partners of the Association, and wishing the continuation of this partnership, which is in the interest of enhancing the services provided to children, boys and girls, with special needs. He indicated that the wood cutting machine (CNC) would contribute to improving the quality of products of the educational games, especially that the modern machine is easy to use by people with intellectual disabilities. It would also improve the amount of production and quality of products, enhancing sales of educational games to kindergartens, special education centers and schools, where the proceeds go in favor of developing the services of the Association,paying the salaries of workers with special needs in the workshop, in addition to providing local products of educational toys with secure international specifications and quality as an alternative to importing or buying imported toys.


On his part, Mr. Alaa Esawi appreciated the efforts of Nahda Women Association because of its accommodation to people with special needs and intellectual disabilities, which help this segment be active and work for a better future. He confirmed that NBC will continue to support people with special needs to be active members in the society.