National Beverage Company sponsored the week of World Food Safety Day organized by the Consumer Protection Society

Beitunia- The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) sponsored the week-long activities of the World Food Safety Dayorganized by the Consumer Protection Society in Palestine under the sponsorship of Dr. Mai Kaila, Minister of Health of Palestine, in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate. Several activities were organized in conjunction with the world events to mark this day, which focused this year on coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and ways to ensure food safety.
The activities of World Week included the holding of a virtual workshop on food safety in Palestine via Zoom, organizing a tour for the Society in a number of organizations related to food safety, farms, agricultural production companies and food products companies, in addition to holding a Press conference in presence of Dr. Kaila.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, confirmed that NBC is keen to support all initiatives related to food safety. He added “we are keen to support the efforts of all official and civil institutions, especially during this critical circumstance in which we witness the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in Palestine and the world. We recognize the importance of our role as partners in these efforts to raise awareness among citizens about ways to protect against the Coronavirus, as well as the concern for food safety, which is also consistent with our commitment to follow the standards of food safety in various production and storage operations in order to ensure the health and safety of the consumer."
Mr. al-Hindi praised the efforts of the Palestinian Consumer Protection Society to make the consumer aware of quality and food safety standards, stressing that NBC is committed to this partnership that aims to enhance protection of consumer rights. Also, NBC continues its support to the Society's initiatives aimed at supporting the national product, especially “Menna Wa Elna" initiative, in order to our belief that the Palestinian product is competing by its quality with international products and everyone should encourage it in a way that also serves the strengthening of the national economy.
Mr. al-Hindi also appreciated the concern of Minister of Health and the Ministry's crews in monitoring food safety and making the consumers aware of this issue. He praised the ministry's efforts and all the medical and preventive crews in confronting The Coronavirus pandemic that outbroke again in Palestine, which requires intensifying awareness efforts on ways to prevent the pandemic and concern to food safety.
On his part, Mr. Salah Haniyeh, Head of the Palestinian Consumer Protection Society, stressed the importance of partnership with Palestinian companies that sponsor food safety, which achieved a qualitative shift in Palestinian industries and got international quality marks. He praised NBC’s support and affiliates for this week’s activities and NBC’s keenness to continue its support for the Society’s efforts in order to raise Palestinian consumer awareness and support for the national product.
Mr. Haniyeh also thanked Minister of Health and the Ministry's crew for their cooperation in ensuring the success of week-long activities of World Food Safety Day and Minister of Health's concern in sponsoring the activities of the week. He added “we witnessed a change in consumption patterns during the outbreak of Coronavirus which consisted in returning to home dining, caring for home garden, stopping eating junk food and ready meals from the marketand returning to the supply’s treasury. The consumer now submits the complaint, follows it up and dismisses it.”
During the virtual workshop on food safety in Palestine with the participation ofacademicians, researchers, representatives of the ministries of health and national economy, Consumer Protection Society and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Palestine, the participants recommended the necessity of issuing the Palestinian Food Law, granting workers in preparing and presenting food products a license renewed annually based on their qualifications, separating among the Kitchen, account and cleaning employees in restaurants, the necessity of monitoring the availability of health units in restaurants and returning to the methods of housekeeping.
The workshop’s participants agreed on the necessity of organizing an annual conference for food safety, as it forms an integrated image of its reality in Palestine, presents the database and shows the areas of risk. They affirmed that their goal is to achieve a disease-free society and preserve the citizen’s health. They also agreed on the necessity to follow the instructions of World Health Organization in drawing up a policy to access to safe products, in addition to paying attention to the agriculture as it is the first link in the food chain and focusing on good practices on farms, which will ensure the production of healthy and safe food.