National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy sponsors the Women Football Team of Al-Ittihad club Al-Hindi: We are proud of the Palestinian Women Sports

Beitunia – Al-Hayat Sports - The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy and Al Ittihad Club of Nablus signed an agreement to sponsor the Women Football Team of the Club.  Under the agreement, the team composed of more than 25 players will be provided with equipment, accessories and sportswear as the team prepares to participate in the Women's Five-team Tournament, 2018-2019 season.


The agreement was signed at the headquarters of NBC in Beitunia in the presence of Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of the Company, and Mr. Mazen Al-Koni, Member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Al Ittihad Club.  Mr. al-Hindi stressed on the company's continued commitment to provide all possible support for women sports in Palestine of which we are all proud, as part and parcel of NBC commitment to sponsor and nurture the sports and youth sectors since the company was founded 20 years ago.


Mr. al-Hindi emphasized that NBC seek, through sponsorship of the girls' teams, to provide them with the best opportunities for an outstanding participation in the local and Arab tournaments, as well as to enable women's individual sports, through providing financial support or sports equipment and supplies.


Mr. al-Hindi expressed his pride in this partnership and wished a successful season for the Women's Five-team Tournament in general, and an outstanding participation of the women's team in Al-Ittihad club, assuring his great confidence in the high performance and ethics of the team's players, praising the previous achievements of the team, including taking the third place in the Palestinian women's football tournament two years ago. He also praised the evident care shown by Al-Ittihad Club for the team of girls as well as the care and attention provided by the families of players.


on his part, Mazen Al-Koni praised the care provided by the National Beverage Company to the women's football team of Al-Ittihad club, stressing that this support will contribute to meet the needs of the team for sports resources, which often constitute a burden on sports clubs, thus it will help to ensure the continuity of the activity of the team and motivation of the players to perform better, especially during its preparatory training to participate in the Five-team Tournament.


Al-Koni pointed out that the women's football team of Al-Ittihad club includes five players from the Palestinian team, and the girls are aged from 11-19 years. The club established the first girls' football school in Nablus in 2009 in cooperation with the PACES Foundation. He stressed that the players of the team proved that they are highly reliable, praising the interest of the players' families to develop their sports skills especially their football skills, and called for more care by the competent authorities of women's sports in particular and the sports sector in general, due to the sports positive impact on the mental, physical and psychological aspects of humans.


It is worth noting that Al-Ittihad Club is one of the oldest clubs in Nablus, as it was founded in 1932. The club includes several sports teams such as the first football team, the junior football team, and the women football team, in addition to the table tennis team for males and females, mixed martial arts for males and females, as well as chess.