Under the Sponsorship of National Beverage Company Coca – Cola/Cappy Mohammed Assaf stages a concert within the Solomon Pools’ Nights Festival

Under the Sponsorship of National Beverage Company Coca – Cola/Cappy
Mohammed Assaf stages a concert within the Solomon Pools’ Nights Festival
Ramallah – Al-Quds - The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy announced that it has exclusively sponsored the concert of the Arab Idol Mohammed Assaf.  The concert was put up during the last week of Holy Ramadan within the Solomon Pools’ Nights Festival held over several nights with participation from prominent Palestinian and Arab performers.
The sponsorship by Coca-Cola\Cappy for the concert was to emphasize the key role played by Solomon Pools as one of the most important tourist areas in Palestine in promoting the Palestinian presence on the tourism and cultural map.  It also aimed to maintain the Pools on the one hand, support and promote the Palestinian trade and turn the Pools into an attraction for the Palestinian and Arab tourists on the other hand.
Through its special sponsorship for the concert of Assaf as the Arab Idol form Palestine, NBC further aimed at providing support for the noble message carried by Assaf as the Youth Goodwill Ambassador in the region.
On the occasion, the General Manager of NBC, Mr. Imad al-Hindi, confirmed the importance attached by the Company to support the talented young Palestinians on the one hand, and the responsibility to support the touristic areas of Palestine and preserve them on the other hand. "We, in the NBC, are taking the responsibility of investing in the Palestinian youth who wowed all people with their capabilities and qualifications which gave them the ability to compete for many regional and international titles over the past period," he added.  He also stressed the importance of the active role by the private sector in such activities and the responsibility born by the sector to support these activities and contribute to their success.
The CEO of Solomon Pools, Mr. George Salfiti, expressed his pleasure with the positive feedback he received from the public on the selection of such a historic and cultural site as the venue for the festival, as well as on the excellent organization of the event, which was characterized by paramount coordination and order.
The organizers of the festival praised the distinctive efforts of the NBC to ensure the success of tourism festivals held in the region in general and in Solomon Pools’ Festival in particular.  They confirmed that such efforts would have a positive impact on the growth of tourism through interaction by the visitors with such festivals.
Mr. al-Hindi pointed out that social responsibility and participation in the events held in the region are among the priorities of NBC, which is why the Company was keen to be present in the Solomon Pools’ Nights Festival through its sponsorship of the performance concert of Assaf.