Sponsored by the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy, Silwan Sports Club celebrates the graduation of the First Football School’s students

Sponsored by the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy,
Silwan Sports Club celebrates the graduation of the First Football School’s students
Guests & the Football School students
Jerusalem - Nasser al-Abbasi - Information Department - The hall of Silwan Sports Club hosted a ceremony on the occasion of concluding the First Football School Project, which lasted for 3 consecutive months, under the sponsorship of the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy.
The celebration was attended by Mr. Wael al-Zaghal, representative of the NBC, Advocate Ahmad al-Ruwaidi, Chairman of Silwan Club and Advisor to the Presidential Office, Mr. Ahmad al-Bukhari, Assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of PACES Foundation and Manager of Pal Sport Network, Journalist Munir al-Ghoul, the Project Coordinator, and members of the Board of Directors of Silwan Club: Educator Noha al-Ghoul,  Advocate Azzam Hashlamoun, Advocate Mohammad Hadia, Alaa Owaida, Nasser al-Abbasi, the former Chairman of Silwan Club Mr. Humaydan Maragheh, Mr. Fawzi Shaaban, Head of the Jerusalem Folklore Arts Band, the former administrator Mr. Marwan al-Ghoul, the students of the Football School and its training crew.
The celebration, which was moderated by the Journalist Munir al-Ghoal, began with a minute of mourning and the reciting of Al-Fateha (Quran) for the souls of the martyrs.  Then, Mr. al-Ghoul talked about the idea of launching the Football School Project, emphasizing its importance in serving the Palestinian sports in general and Silwan Club in particular. The project was completed through extensive cooperation between the Club and Coca-Cola/Cappy Company.  
During the ceremony, the Chairman of the Club, Mr. Ahmed al-Ruwaidi, delivered a speech which focused on the importance of paying more attention to support the various groups in Silwan Club. He explained that the establishment of football schools contributes to the promotion of ambitions and creating a spirit of challenge to achieve success on the green playground.
Mr. al-Ruwaidi thanked Coca-Cola/Cappy for sponsoring the First Football School, and for its great interest in supporting such activities. He commended the role of the players who participated in the school, and the support from all those who contributed to the success of the activities of the football school.
Mr. al-Ruwaidi predicted that the second phase of the Football School would be launched next month after a meeting between the Club's management and the sponsoring company. The second phase will last for one complete year.  He noted that the Sports Department in the Club would work on the formation of many support sport teams under the laws of the Football Federation.  “We attach great importance to this celebration, and we have much work to rebuild the Club’s organization again, and restore prestige to the leader of Jerusalem clubs,” he added.  
Mr. al-Ruwaidi also indicated that there was a comprehensive plan for Silwan Club that covered the various administrative, sports, scouting, social areas and others. Concluding his speech, he thanked the crew of coaches who supervised the Football School including Mohamed Munir al-Ghoul, Ahmad Abu Sway and Fadi Nashashibi, as well as the Football School’s project coordinator Munir al-Ghoul for their efforts during the past period.
In his speech, the representative of Coca-Cola/Cappy, Mr. Wael al-Zaghal welcomed in his name and on behalf of the National Beverage Company all those present and thanked Silwan Club for their great cooperation in establishing the first education and sports school in the Club.  He stressed that the NBC would always be there to support and promote talents toward more development to achieve competitive levels.  He added, “we hope that the Company's support to the Football School has achieved its objectives, and that the Company pays special attention to such development project that falls within the main areas which NBC is keen to sponsor and support, i.e. the youth and sports.  Therefore, we stress the importance of continuing the efforts to create such schools.” He also said, “we are all aware that the region is suffering from economic difficulties, and aware of the vicious attack on the town of Silwan, so our initiative came on the basis of the private sector’s responsibility to support the public sector to highlight the talents in the town of Silwan.”  In the conclusion of his speech, Mr. al-Zaghal revealed that the Company would continue to be willing to provide support for such projects to achieve the desired benefits.  He thanked all parties who contributed to the success of the football school project.
At the end of the celebration, the senior guests distributed the sportive gifts to the football school's students, who include 45 players, and the coaching staff consisting of Mohamed Mounir al-Ghoul, Ahmed Abu Sway and Fadi Nashashibi.