Under the sponsorship of National Beverage Company Nisaa FM launches the Radio episodes: For Her Because She Is Special

Ramallah - Nisaa FM Radio Station featured the first radio episode of the "For Her Because She Is Special" program within the Tamkeen project, in cooperation with National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC).  
Nisaa FM will broadcast 25 radio episodes of For Her Because She Is Special program under Tamkeen project. The program targets 25 female entrepreneurs in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Sponsored by NBC, the project aims at developing the potentials of female entrepreneurs in the field of marketing and media, in addition to teaching women the importance of marketing their products and promoting their projects by implementing workshops.
Two workshops were organized; the first was to coach women entrepreneurs on marketing and promotion skills through advertising, the dimensions of the marketing process, and ways to develop a marketing plan, pricing and promotion through advertising, especially in modern digital methods.
The second workshop addressed outreach and communication skills.  The participants were introduced to detailed explanations on the basis of dealing with audio media, so that women would be able to express their entrepreneurial actions in a manner that contributes to the marketing process of product or services to the local market.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, said that NBC supported the initiative that contributes to empowering women economically, as NBC has been keen to support women entrepreneurs and enable them to access the market by developing their marketing skills and introducing them to the means of promotion and advertising for their products. This will enable them to continue the development of their entrepreneurial projects and help improve their economic and family conditions as there is an increase in unemployment and poverty rates in the Palestinian society.

Mr. al-Hindi said, “Palestinian women have always been pioneers in their local community and have contributed in different ways to the development of their family and standing alongside them and their society in facing challenges. Many Palestinian women have attained amazing levels and models of leadership, medicine, education, economics, culture, art, sports and more. For our part in NBC, we appreciate the role of the Palestinian women in achieving socio-economic development, and we hope that all institutions will support women in the various fields.”