Jericho: National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy sponsors an entertainment day for children with Thalassemia Disease


JerichoThe National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) sponsored an entertainment day for about 40 patient children with Thalassemia along with their mothers, in the Banana Land Park in Jericho. The event is organized in cooperation with the Thalassemia’s Friends Association in the city of Nablus, and the Health Supporting Department at Nablus Health Directorate. The day is part of an effort to entertain children with Thalassemia, and to alleviate their pain and suffering by this disease and the journey of treatment.
The Head of the Health Supporting Department at Nablus Health Directorate, Ahmed Sama'neh, said that the Department works in partnership with the Thalassemia’s Friends Association through several activities over the year, including educational and awareness activities for patients.
Sama'neh said that a volunteer team from the Health Supporting Department participated in the implementation of the event held to entertain the children of Thalassemia, which includes a group of psychologists, in addition to Dr. Abdel Nasser Daraghmeh, member of the board of directors of the Thalassemia’s Friends Association.
Sama'neh invited the private sector companies and institutions to assist in the implementation of these activities, especially for the benefit of Thalassemia’s patients, which are sometimes difficult to handle by the Directorate of Health or the Associations individually, and to take the continuous step of NBC in supporting various recreational or service activities for the benefit of patients.
On his part, NBC General Manager, Mr. Imad al-Hindi, said that children with Thalassemia Disease are in need for attention from all the parties in the private and public sectors, especially in the psychological aspect. These children face difficult circumstances and days during the treatment period. He added that NBC's strategic plans include the embracing of young age groups and children of different segments and needs.   Sponsoring this event which is dedicated to entertain Thalassemia patients is a culmination of the endeavors of NBC, and a commitment by the community responsibility towards them.
Mr. al-Hindi thanked the Health Supporting Department at Nablus Health Directorate for their consideration and care for the sick children and for providing them with the necessary treatment in this area. He also appreciated the role of the Thalassemia’s Friends Association in the city, which is making a great and strong effort in taking care of the Thalassemia’s patients, and providing them with services and organizing various events for them, Al-Hindi wishes the well-being and healing for all of the Thalassemia’s patients, stressing the importance of awareness-raising campaigns about the disease.
On his part, Al-Karmi expressed his appreciation for NBC’s interest in this event, stressing that "this is the trend that we aspire to have in our society to deliver a message to the Thalassemia’s patients, who suffers from a genetic disease, to be in the focus of interest of the society through its official and civil institutions." Al-Karmi also stressed the importance of embracing Thalassemia patients, especially children.

Al-Karmi also said: “We believe in partnership with all government and private entities and all concerned entities, including the Ministries of Health, Education, Youth and Sports. In addition to our partnership with the private sector led by NBC, in order to accompany the Thalassemia’s patients in their healing journey, help them integrate into their community and be accepted without any feeling of humiliation.”