National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy sponsors the Squash and Table Tennis Academy for Youth


Al-Quds- Pal Sport Agency - Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy meets with Priest Peter Naser, Secretary General of the Christian Association of Youth,and Andrea Bahbah, Manager of the Community Sports Center in Al-Quds, in the presence of Alaa Al-Esawi, the company Technical Coordinator in NBC’s headquarters in Beitunia. 
The meeting was held to discuss the prospects of the cooperation between them in the fields of community, education and sports. There has been a strong relation between NBC and the Christian Association of Youth for more than a decade, through which NBC had sponsored many athletic programs in the Association, especially in the Squash and Table Tennis Academy located in Al-Quds center, which is mainly for young age groups and also provides its services free of charge to young boys and girls of the city.   NBC has provided the team not only with the uniforms but also with the bags and special needs for this sport, which is unique to the Christian Association of Youth that has only one private stadium.
On his part, Priest Peter Naser said that the cooperation seeks to spread this sport in all the governorates and this returns back to the generous support from NBC, also the cooperation under the sponsorship of NBC seeks to the continuity of the work of the academies especially in Al-Quds center due to its importance. He thanked the management of NBC and expressed his pride with this cooperation that bonds them together and this helps the cooperation to build Al-Quds, athletic, conscious, giver generation.

Mr. al-Hindi said that the company seeks to provide more support to the Palestinian sports in general and to Al-Quds sports in particular, due to his belief that the youth has the skills and high athletic abilities whether in the individual or group sports, despite of the tough and difficult circumstances in Al-Quds. He pointed out the importance of taking care of the talents of young and emerging groups in both genders and helping them to enhance their talents to reach high levels.


Mr. al-Hindi also expressed his pride of the cooperation with the Christian Association of Youth which has a rich history in community work and sports participation in Palestine, and commended the Association endeavors to build sports team and support community work in Al-Quds.