National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy and Al-Tayf share the Gold Sponsorship of PalFood Expo 2019



Hebron - Al Hayat Economic - The National Beverages Company/Coca-Cola Cappy (NBC) took part, as a Gold Sponsor, in the events of PalFood Expo 2019 which have was organized at Hebron Expo premises in the city of Hebron recently.  The exhibition included various food sectors, with wide participation of manufacturers and businesses.
NBC’s booth at the Expo displayed the Company products including soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, and Cappy juices of different flavours, as well as Jericho and Arwa water. Additionally, Al-Tayf Dairy and Food Products Company, a spin-off of NBC, participated with the products of Candia Company.
The fair was organized by Hebron Exhibition Centre, which is managed by a group of young successful and high-profile entrepreneurs in the city of Hebron. The exhibition aims at developing the industry and trade sector in the local and international market. It also provides a unique opportunity for visitors to conveniently and enjoyably view national products, each in his/her respective area of specialty. Dozens of national, local, regional and international companies specialized in the various areas of the industry are partaking in the second edition of the expo and it is expected that the expo receives tens of thousands of visitors.

Mr. Imad al-Hindi, NBC General Manager, said that the Exhibition served as an interactive showroom for products, providing an excellent opportunity and a platform to communicate with consumers. Moreover, it helps in building relationships and networking with other companies, manufacturers, importers and exporters. He applauded the efforts of Hebron Expo and its manager, Rami Al Natsheh, to coordinate and prepare for the PalFood Expo, which achieved an outstanding success last year.

Furthermore, Mr. al Hindi stressed the importance of Hebron city as a hub for high-quality local industries comparable and similar to their counterparts around the world. The city is also marked by its huge market and well-established economic status both nationwide and worldwide. Al Hindi further added: "We are proud and honoured to sponsor and participate in PalFood Expo in Hebron and present to the visitors the latest and finest food products of NBC as well as the products of Al-Tayf Co. Since the beginning of the year, the factory of Al-Tayf Co. has been producing the finest dairy and food products in a new plant that complies with the highest standards and specifications and is equipped with the latest technologies, with the exclusive franchise from the French company, Candia.
" Al Hindi also emphasized the need to proceed with the sensitization campaign to raise citizens' awareness on the importance of supporting local products especially that Palestinian products have become of a high quality, as the Palestinian companies are adopting the quality and public safety standards and adhering to the global specifications. He asserted that Palestinian citizens always deserve the best and that all the national companies and factories should satisfy consumers' desires by achieving competitive quality levels and selling for competitive prices.