For the Academic Year 2019 /2020, National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy signs an agreement with Ramallah Municipality to sponsor environmental awareness projects


Ramallah-Alhayat Economic- Ramallah Municipality, represented by its President Eng. Mousa Hadid, signed an agreement with the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola /Cappy (NBC), represented by its General Manager  Imad al-Hindi, to provide sponsorship for the Municipality's Program, Environmental Awareness for Ramallah's School Students.  
A number of municipal council members and Ramallah's school administrators attended the signing ceremony of the agreement, in addition to the partners in the projects of Ramallah Municipality and school students.
On his part, Eng. Hadid said "Under this agreement, Ramallah Municipality translates its orientation to the private sector that participates in supporting the community projects as a part of its national responsibility. The Municipality thanks NBC for sponsoring the project, which contributes to promoting the concept of partnership between the local government sector and the private sector."


On his part, Mr. al-Hindi expressed his pride in the sustainable partnership with Ramallah Municipality, schools, and partner institutions of the project, so did the Board of Directors of NBC.  He pointed out that NBC's objectives go in line with the Municipality's vision to provide a clean environment in Ramallah by targeting the next generation and school students. Mr. al-Hindi also indicated that Environment-Friendly systems and polices that NBC apply in its plants and branches translate NBC's commitment to energy conservation standards and Environmental protection from pollution.
The Program is implemented for the 11th consecutive year, and it aims to raise the environmental awareness and make a change in daily practices towards the environment among approximately 9,000 male and female students from different grades in the public, private, and UNRWA schools in Ramallah. The program includes several projects: the Healthy and Environment-Friendly Schools Program, "My city is clean" project, and the Environmental Play Contest.
The Healthy and Environment-Friendly Schools Program aims to motivate schools in Ramallah to adopt activities and events that seek to enhance the students' health and increase the environmental awareness among students in Ramallah schools by providing the necessary skills to promote the environmental health in their schools, and providing proper and healthy patterns for them and for school's environment in cooperation with the Directorate of Education Ramallah - Al-Bireh, Palestinian Ministry of Health, Palestinian Water Authority (PWA), Environment Quality Authority, Ramallah and Al Bireh Health Directorate, Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC), Palestinian Energy & Environment Research Center (PEC), Ommar El Ard Foundation, Jerusalem Water Undertaking - Ramallah and Jerusalem, Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS), and MA'AN Development Center.
"My city is clean" project includes the implementation of several environmental activities that encourage the preservation of hygiene, promote its concept, and raise environmental awareness among students. It targets children under eleven, and the most important of these activities are: distribution of Tupperware and water containers, breakfast parties with no waste, distribution of environmental booklets and storytelling, and others.
While the Environmental Play Contest for school students aims to use the tools of drama to raise environmental awareness among students. Specialized trainers in the theater and drama provided by the municipality participate in it. The contest is being implemented in cooperation with the Theatre Arts Steering Committee; Kasbah Theater and Ashtar Theater, in addition to representatives from the Ministry of Education and theater actors.