National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy equips a vocational training unit at Al-Khansa'a School in Jenin


Beitunia- The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) equipped a vocational training unit at Al-Khansa'a School, affiliated to Jenin Education Directorate, and provided the unit with all the required supplies and tools.

NBC provided the vocational unit/ graphic design workshop in the school with furniture, computers, tablets, interactive board, and other devices and equipment, in addition to equipping the vocational training unit with an air-conditioner.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, asserted NBC’s permanent dedication to sponsor all the initiatives that improve the students, whether in the academic or vocational level. He noted that implementing such initiatives reflects the level of interest in developing the professional and vocational education and promoting the students’ skills at Al-Khansa'a School, so that they can directly and easily access the labor market after completing the secondary education.
Mr. al-Hindi appreciated the great efforts exerted by the Directorate-General of Vocational Education at the Ministry of Education in Palestine toward promoting and adapting the vocational education in Palestine appropriately so as to raise the students’ awareness about the importance of learning handicrafts or modern technologies in line with the market demands. Mr. al-Hindi emphasized the need to provide such vocational units in the girls’ schools in particular, and not to restrict vocational education to the boys only.


NBC demonstrated interest in the new vocational disciplines, being greatly effective in increasing females’ enrollment in vocational education, especially the graphic design discipline, where the student gain artistic skills in the areas of marketing, publicity, and advertising skills and the design of art works, decorations, and book covers, through handmade works and design of advertisements through graphic design software, and other skills which help the students to enroll in the faculties of engineering in various universities and institutes right after graduation, or embark on implementing and developing their own private businesses.
Further, NBC actively participated in furnishing, equipping, and supplying an internal computer network in the vocational training unit which has been opened in Bethlehem Secondary School for Girls, in addition to equipping and furnishing the fashion design workshop at the vocational training unit established at Aqab Mfaddi Secondary Girls School at the south of Nablus.