National Beverage Company sponsors the Environmental Awareness Project in the Schools of Ramallah


[Photo caption: Implementation of the campaign at a school]

Ramallah- Al Ayyam: The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) sponsored the Environmental Awareness Project in the schools of Ramallah for the academic year 2020/2021, being implemented by Ramallah Municipality in 22 public, private and UNRWA schools.


The Project aims at augmenting the concept of health and environmental awareness, and enhancing the students’ environmental and health values and behaviors.


The Project includes the implementation of a set of activities and events, such as the launch of a contest of “My City is Healthy and Environment Friendly”, which includes filming environmental awareness videos to document the environment or health behavioral practices which the students have acquired from their participation in previous awareness campaigns, and how they are adopted in their surroundings, whether at houses, neighborhoods or schools.


It also includes the launch of an online competition that includes a set of environment and health related questions targeting several age categories. Students who attain the highest evaluation score will receive in-kind prizes from NBC.


Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, said: “We, in NBC, are pleased to sponsor various health and environmental activities and events in our society in partnership with Ramallah Municipality, which spares no effort to maintain this awareness project in the midst of the crisis of coronavirus pandemic.  Such efforts and initiatives will contribute to creating a healthy and cognizant generation that realizes the importance of protecting the environment and sustaining the environment resources as a lifestyle in order to protect them from pollution and depletion”.


Mr. al-Hindi added that the Project was in line with the vision and objectives that NBC has set for itself towards preserving and protecting the environment from pollutants, through its compliance with the environment-friendly standards and systems, and by applying such standards on the ground.


In the same context, he asserted that NBC’s partnership with Ramallah Municipality is part of the effort to provide a clean and healthy environment in the city of Ramallah through awareness-raising projects in the areas of health and environment.


Mr. al-Hindi pointed out that “instilling environmental and health values and concepts in the new generations, and investing in them is a collective responsibility which requires all of us in the public and private sectors, and the civil and non-governmental organizations, to provide all means of support to sponsor such initiatives and events, which aim at raising awareness about environment and health challenges facing all people worldwide, and the Palestinian people in particular, especially amidst the spread of the coronavirus pandemic”.


On her part, Malvina Al Jamal, Head of the Health and Environment Department at Ramallah Municipality, appreciated NBC’s contribution by sponsoring the Project with the objective of making a change in the behaviors, and contributing to protecting the environment and health, by targeting the new generation through development projects, and awareness-raising programs implemented by Ramallah Municipality in the environment and health fields. She also stressed the strategic relationship between NBC and Ramallah Municipality, which synergize their efforts under one objective to implement such projects.


She indicated that Ramallah Municipality this year carries out most of its events in Ramallah schools, while observing the coronavirus-related safety and prevention measures, including the wearing of masks and keeping physical distancing in order to protect the health and safety of the students who participate in such activities.